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5 haircuts that give volume and will be worn a lot in 2023

Finding a trendy haircut is even more difficult when you have fine, straight hair. And it is that styles that dazzle in thick hair with volume can lose all their appeal when you have little hair density. In these cases, it is preferable to opt for volumizing haircuts.

About how these cuts should be so that they simulate a more voluminous mane, we will tell you everything below, with some additional tips to give hair more body and density with the help of hairdressing. Plus, we’ve compiled the styles that will bring more volume to thin, thinning hair that will be worn the most next year.

Make an appointment with your hairdresser and get ready for brand new hair in 2023!

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Which haircut gives you more volume?

In general, short styles are the ones that allow the most volume, since they texture better than the long ones. In fact, any cut that isn’t excessively long can work for straight, thinning hair, because it’s this length that flattens our hair and prevents us from achieving flattering volume.

Also, all the hair lengths we choose, even if we are talking about a midi long, that is, just above the chest, could be valid for hair that lacks volume if they are cut slightly scaled. The ideal is to superimpose in the lower middle part of the hair, because with them we can achieve a lot of volume without losing quality in this type of hair. And it is good to remember that if it is very fine hair, you cannot descale it too much either because it could appear impoverished and give a finish contrary to what you are looking for.

How to give volume to fine and thinning hair?

Cuts that add volume texturizing spray rene furterer

Cuts that add volume texturizing spray rene furterer

With these cuts that give volume and the help of a texturizing spray, you can look beautiful every day.

To give volume to fine hair, the most important thing is to use a specific product to give the hair more density and a certain thickness. Often women with thin and thinning hair believe that the best option is to bet on volumizing productsbut the truth is that in the end these they end up getting the hair too dirty.

Therefore, what we recommend is to opt for products that densify the hair fiber, since they are the ones that allow you to give more volume to the hair without making it too dirty. It is especially important do not use too much product so as not to weigh down the hair. Otherwise, we would get the exact opposite effect: a crushed mane with a matte finish.

On the other hand, another formula to increase the volume of the mane is to apply microextensions. You can wear them all the time or take them off and put them on, to give volume to your hairstyles every day. Today the finish of this type of hairpiece is very easy to achieve and allows it to be integrated very discreetly into the hair, obtaining a very flattering result.

One more styling tip

When you dry your hair upside down, you must let cool in this position so that the roots are raised. To do this, you can wait a few seconds for the hair to cool or apply cold air directly with the hair dryer. Then try to apply some hairspray or texturizing spray to the hair, keeping it upside down at all times and let it dry for a few seconds before raising your head. You will get incredible extra volume and with longer duration.

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What to do when you have little hair?

haircuts that give volume fine hair kerastase shampoo

haircuts that give volume fine hair kerastase shampoo

For cuts that give volume, we recommend a shampoo for fine hair that redensifies the fiber.

Here are some everyday tips that can make all the difference in getting the most out of fine, thinning hair:

  • Change your hairline throughout the day. You will see that by doing so, you instantly gain volume in your hairstyle. And, if you apply a little dry shampoo, you will enhance this effect even more.
  • resort to Dry shampoo, both to keep the oil at the roots between washes and to give some volume to the roots and lift the hair. If it is also the one that gives color, you can achieve an effect of greater density in the hair.
  • Avoid them products with silicones, both shampoos, masks and conditioners. They will add more weight to the hair and leave more residue, making it dirty much faster.
volumizing cuts dry shampoo fine hair klorane

volumizing cuts dry shampoo fine hair klorane

For haircuts that add volume, dry shampoo is ideal for controlling oil and adding density to the hairstyle.

What is the best haircut when you have little?

Undoubtedly, what most hides the scarcity of hair is wearing it short. Or if it’s a microbob haircut, leave pieces whole, especially in the shotto hide that poor mane, which is usually most evident in the front part of the head.

Short haircuts that feel good

here is one selection of haircuts that give volume and it will be a trend in 2023.


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