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6 uses that you surely do not know and that will make your daily life easier

The Aluminium foil It’s a product essential for any kitchen. Not only because of its usefulness when it comes to keeping food open, which is perhaps its most widespread use, but also because it is a material that adapts to many different functions and can become a good solution for day-to-day life. unforeseen events. .

Next, we collect some of the most notable:

Keep food in good condition

Just because it’s the best-known feature doesn’t mean it’s less important. The use of silver paper is important for prevent food that have already been opened deteriorate when exposed or lose their ideal temperature.

In addition, aluminum foil also allows isolate the product in a matter of the rest of the odors that are in the refrigerator, thus avoiding unwanted mixtures.

Over time, scissors gradually lose their cutting ability and need to be sharpened. In this sense, an emergency solution can be to use aluminum foil.

Cutting the paper -preferably folded in several layers-, the scissors will get sharper. The best way to have an optimal result, yes, is still to use a pencil sharpener.

Clean pans or grills

Aluminum foil can also be used as punctual alternative to the traditional scouring pads. To do this, simply make a small ball of this material and apply a little dishwashing liquid to it.

Thus, when the pot or pan in question is rubbed, the encrusted dirt will come out more easily. You must do this with particular care so as not to damage or scratch the surface.

Protect from stains or dirt

While aluminum foil is a useful material to clean, the best technique for a spotless surface is to do what you can to no need to clean it.

In this way, for example, we can avoid making great efforts to clean the oven if before we cover the trays with foil to prevent it from getting dirty. The characteristics of the material will allow it to be easily removed if necessary.

Clean jewelry and other silver objects

This is probably one of the most misunderstood uses. Aluminum foil is a good resource for cleaning jewelry that has picked up dirt over the years, especially silver jewelry.

To do this, you just need to line a small bowl with aluminum foil and fill it with water with baking soda powder. This will make the jewelry shine. It can also work with a little salt.

In addition to its uses at home, aluminum foil is also a good tool for dyeing hair at home. The CCC, one of the main distance learning academies in Spanish, shows in a simple way how to use it in hairdressing.

In summary, they explain that the dye should be applied to the hair and carefully wrapped in silver paper so that the hair absorbs the color and the desired result is achieved.


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