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A haircut and a coffee

After having exercised different professions, Gonzalo Fernández found his vocation as a hairdresser. From the hand of his cousin, he started as a hairdresser’s assistant and little by little he left his own mark until he opened his shop, which works at Calle Mendoza 671, 12 years ago.

In commemoration of the International Hairdresser’s Day, the professional told El Diario about his career. “I chose to be a hairdresser by chance. Even though I’ve always liked it, it never encouraged me to meddle in this world. I had other jobs, as a baker and supermarket storekeeper, until the day my cousin called me to work as an assistant in his hairdressing salon,” he says.

“At first I was scared, because I didn’t know how to cut my hair, but the first week I realized I liked it and learned from my cousin, to whom I am grateful for the life,” Gonzalo said, adding, “I worked with him for a few years and perfected myself with classes that I took in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba and in our city. I also learned a lot of my colleagues.

In this sense, Fernández indicated: “I really appreciate my colleagues, I don’t see them as competitors, at least on my part. I learned from colleagues older than me and with many years in the profession and I also learned from new guys, who have a different vision”. “I think you shouldn’t be ashamed or be more or less than the other. If you have any doubts about a certain cut or technique, you should ask a colleague and he will always tell you”, a- he declared.

In turn, he clarified: “I helped a lot of newcomers, there is solidarity on the ground, at least with the colleagues I know. As for me, I’m quite friendly, I define myself as a crazy and simple hairdresser”. In the meantime, the professional pointed out that training can also be “watching videos on YouTube”.

Regarding his daily work, he explained that he currently devotes himself to the barbershop business, cutting men’s hair. “I have clients who don’t want to leave, but I just cut their hair, I don’t color or highlight anymore,” she said.

Regarding the male sector, González pointed out that “men place much more importance on their own care”. “Before, on average, the customer came when his hair grew so much that he could no longer wear a hat, but now it’s more aesthetic. There are those who come every week for their own pleasure,” he said.

Likewise, he explained that certain trends are followed such as the “Cuban”, the degraded cut, the American cut and the shading and that they are linked “according to the age of each client”. “The youngest are the most daring, on the other hand, those over 40 are calmer and more classic,” he said.

Being able to enjoy a coffee while cutting

After consulting him on the decision to merge his hairdressing salon with a café, the professional says: “I always dreamed of having a small bar or a pub, even long before opening the hairdressing salon. Gastronomy has long attracted my attention, but I never had the means, however, for some time, with my companion, we decided to annex the cafeteria”. “She had the knowledge and I felt like it, so we encouraged each other and we worked in shifts, since she has another job,” he said.

In the meantime, he underlined: “The hairdressing sector is beautiful, it allows you to grow if you know how to do it and are patient. You can progress economically, it’s a quiet job and you have your customers. There is a certain harmony in the work”. “It’s the most beautiful thing in the world to be able to work on what you love, there is a lot of emotion at the hairdresser, for example, when parents bring their grandchildren and see the change with the haircut. also likes to give them the crazy hairstyle with gel, which children love, or the first haircuts for babies, ”he said.

Finally, the professional thanked his family and his partner for their support and invited them to discover the new fusion at his barber.

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