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A metaverse to empower women’s opportunities

In 2020, according to information from the National Institute for Women (InMujeres), just over half of the entire population residing in the country were women (51.2%). This might suggest that its role in the economy would have a similar figure; however, of all adult Mexican women, only 43.8% are economically active, unlike the case of men, who have a presence of 77.5%.

Although the labor market participation rate increased from 29.9% to 49%, between 2000 and 2020, Mexico ranks 122nd out of 156 countries in the list of the Global Gender Gap Report 2021 of the World Economic Forum.

Many factors influence this gap that we observe in many areas between men and women, but among the main ones that have been detected, teenage pregnancy is the one that is very relevant: motherhood among minors generally has an impact negative on their education, human development and opportunities.

That’s why, a few weeks ago, an initiative was launched to contribute to society and have a positive impact on the environment of women: a metaverse that was built specifically to inspire young women to be everything ‘they want to be, in addition to a platform with free training and courses ranging from finance to photography, and seeking to prioritize education over domestic activity among women.

This was announced by Thalía Reyes, marketing manager for hair care at Unilever, who explained that the course platform is on Udemy, one of the largest in the world.

The why of a metaverse

Studies reveal that 30% of girls lose their self-confidence between the ages of 8 and 14 and resign themselves to being a sort of protector of the family. Another fact: between 40% and 60% of women suffer from impostor syndrome, which is characterized by a great lack of faith in their projects, which leads them to give up on their dreams, while in men it does not. there are not so many cases, because generally they are launched to try to achieve their objectives.

In this metaverse created by Unilever’s Sedal, girls and teens can be whatever they want. An avatar is created according to their tastes and personality, in order to make them function in a world where they can be whatever they want and the participation of other women also helps to visualize a broader horizon. This allows girls to have more criteria and to know that they can achieve what they want, whether they are housewives or businesswomen, but also doctors or fashion designers, or several things at the same time. times, which do not have to be exclusive, as in the case of Thalía Reyes, who is the head of a large company and also a mother, or Jessica Lakshmi, a Mexican biopharmaceutical chemist passionate about video games.

The businesswoman says she appreciates the chance to be in a work environment where the workforce is 50/50, and as an intern she has started to climb where she is, being respected when she decided to be a mother and demonstrating that women can flourish in all areas that appeal to her.

Women have been pigeonholed into a generally maternal role over time, which is passed down from generation to generation and often prevents young women from considering other possibilities. Many don’t know what they want because they haven’t even had the chance to meet him; and the worst, sometimes, for lack of self-confidence, they do not give themselves the opportunity.

In fact, Lakshmi will be participating in this effort as an example of a real-life model, appearing in the Fishnet City metaverse as an avatar and acting as an in-game host.

“Nothing inspires me more than helping young women follow their true passions, and I’m so excited to work with Sedal on this campaign,” she said. “I have encountered many obstacles as a woman entering the world of STEM and I hope the campaign will help give girls the inspiration and resources they need to achieve their dreams. I am a gamer and I love Ciudad Sedal!

Armed with knowledge

Let’s open our minds and imagine a magic wand that will help erase all that seems to be an obstacle. Well, for Unilever, it’s sort of a way to empower young women to be whoever they want across the metaverse and to train through the Udemy platform.

Thus, tangible skills can be acquired in the 20 different 100% free online courses that Sedal offers in association with Udemy, one of the leading learning platforms with more than 185,000 video courses and 40 million students across the world.

For this reason, Sedal bets and helps women to believe in their dreams, to develop in the aspects they want and thus be able to obtain more visibility and equity in their lives, since their contribution is necessary, diversified and additoinal.

“We want to see girls thrive at all times, and at Sedal our role is to help them open up possibilities so they can imagine a better future. Our girls are resourceful and optimistic, there’s a lot of potential there, that’s why we bring them resources and reasons to have hope, we want to make sure they realize it,” commented Lilia López-Negrete, Hair Care Marketing Director. at Unilever Mexico and the Caribbean.

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