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A nutritional shock that applies in just one minute

Created with naturally derived ingredients, the new Dove Repair Ritual and Growth Ritual nourishing shocks are ideal for those looking for a positive change for their hair. Easy to use, they act quickly and become part of your beauty routine.

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The hair care This is a subject that always concerns us. It is difficult to find the right products for each type of fiber and achieve healthy, strong and shiny hair. This is why it is essential to know what is new in the field of beauty that can help with this task.

The nutritional shocks They are great allies when it comes to recovering hair damaged by various factors. The hair dryer, the iron, the sun, the salt, the chlorine, the wind, the choice of a shampoo or a conditioner of poor quality or not in conformity with the needs. All this affects the hair which loses strength and energy. The good thing is that these qualities can now be recovered in a simple, practical and very fast way.

The new Dove Nutritional Shocks Repair Ritual and Growth Ritual offer a nutrition shock that helps repair fibers and achieve a superior result. In a minute, you can solve those problems that seemed to have no solution.

Both varieties are inspired by nature and the beauty rituals of women from different parts of the world. Dove took these routines and combined them with the the most advanced technology, studied for more than 50 years. Thus, he sought to understand women, to understand their needs and to take into account this ancestral know-how used for aesthetic care for years.

The formulas are made up of elements such as echinacea, castor oil, turmeric and coconut oil. Ingredients that first go through extraction and purification processes that guarantee first-class quality. All the know-how of the brand is added to it to obtain an innovative formula that offers unique results. The final equation is shocking: 95% ingredients of natural origin.

This presentation of the new Dove nutritional shocks are single dose. This means that only one use is recommended for each container.

Hair care: varieties for all needs

In this range, you can choose two varieties, for different hair types. Dove Nourishing Choc 1 Minute Repair Ritual, based on coconut oil and turmeric. The first ingredient is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help strengthen hair and make it manageable. Meanwhile, turmeric has restorative properties and is indicated for healthy growth. Dove Nutrient Shock 1 Minute Growth Ritual It is made with castor oil and echinacea. The first has a particular power to restore resistance and shine to the hair. Echinacea is an ally in controlling hair loss and stimulates hair growth. So you can choose between one shock to repair and another to feed. Both provide extra care that will promote healthy, attractive hair.

This presentation of the new Dove nutritional shocks is single dose. This means that single use is recommended for each container. The steps to apply it are very simple. First you need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. It is recommended to use those from the Dove Nutritive Secrets range for optimal results. Next, you need to open the Dove Repair Ritual or Dove Growth Ritual nutritional shock pack and pour both components from the same container into a container or into your hands: mask + oil. They must then be mixed well and applied to clean, damp hair, from the mid-lengths to the ends, by strands. Leave on for a minute and rinse. Then you can enjoy nourished and healthy hair.

Step by step.

Step by step.

Keeping hair nourished and silky has never been easier. With just a one-minute ritual, the results are amazing.

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