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African braids or box braids: the keys to making them perfect

African braiding brings freshness and personality. At one time, this hairstyle alluded to beach styles; now it is suitable for all occasions.

African braids or box braids: the keys to making them perfect

Last update: November 09, 2022

A curious, timeless and unisex hairstyle? This is what African braids are, a striking fabric that anyone with long hair can use.

They are also known as box braids. Although they have been practiced since antiquity, today broke the mould, offering a see versatile for casual occasions and more formal events.

It is precisely the originality of the braid that gives it charm and makes the difference. They consider it a functional hairstyle, as it lasts for several days, reduces the feeling of heat and helps hair growth.

For these characteristics to be fulfilled, it is essential to weave box braids appropriately and take meticulous care. We explain how to do it.

African braids: more than one hairdressing with one hairstyle

The traditional African braid is one that is completely attached to the scalp, although you can also put them together a little more loosely. The longer the hair, the more impressive the look of the clinéjas.

With them you can play picking up bows, weaving only one side of the head or part of the strands. Weaving and polishing stand out in this style, adaptable to curly and straight hair.

To do the braids the hair must be clean, detangled and preferably textured with dry shampoo. Then comes the work:

  1. Section by strands: Divide the hair into 4 chunky sections, hold 3 with clips and start working on the loose one. The main divisions must mark equal slots.
  2. Knit in symmetry: Separate the strands into 3 proportional pieces and weave as close to the scalp as possible. As you pass the sides over the center, incorporate new pieces. You complete a section and repeat the process.
  3. Fix the hairstyle: To achieve a tight, neat braid, secure the hairstyle with a spray.
Traditional African braids are well attached to the scalp.

Tips for African braids to look perfect

There are people who devote themselves exclusively to the art of African braiding; It is not difficult to find them in a professional salon. It is preferable that they carry them out, as this guarantees better results.

Prolong the duration and perfection of the box braids, the key is in its maintenance. Here are the essential tips to follow.

Don’t wash your hair every day

The appropriate thing would be to schedule hair washing every week, but this suggestion is determined by hair type. In any case, you do not have to wash it daily, because you risk breaking the braids, loosening them or causing frizz.

To take care of hygiene, dry shampoo is of great support. Spray the cleanser and with your fingertips scrub the braids.

Do not rub. He approaches clinéja by clinéja with subtlety.

More water than shampoo and conditioner

On full wash days, do not apply shampoo and conditioner directly to braids. The technique is dilute each substance in dispensers containing 90% water and the remaining 10% cleaners.

First pour a little of the shampoo mixture on the head, covering the scalp and box braids. Gently massage until foam comes out, rinse with water and use conditioner to rinse again. This process removes grease from the capillary skin and prevents flaking.

Moisten the edges

African braids involve a rigorous crimping technique, but the scalp feels the compression of the strands and some pull the strands from the roots. Relieve any discomfort by spreading a little essential oil edges where the cléjas are born.

Rinse with a cup

Dripping shower water on strands takes away their cleanliness when dry. The good thing is use a bowl or removable shower to rinse them, because you control the impact of the jet.

Towel dry

If you win the rush, you can use the dryer at very low temperature; but it would be advisable to dry with a microfiber cloth. This advice is essential so that the braid does not feel heavy because of the water.

wear a night cap

The cap serves as a shield against unruly hair. Scarves, handkerchiefs or bandanas are also useful in this mission that are not made of absorbent fabrics, as this is how the braids retain their natural moisture.


With a spray shine embellishes the braid. This resource is wonderful for making the style flawless. In addition, you benefit from the components of the product to provide vitality and nutrition to the hair.


Oils or hair products with natural ingredients moisturize the braids. You can put them directly or combine them with rose water, massaging the scalp and spreading them on the fabric.

Among the moisturizing organic essences, we distinguish:

  • Honey.
  • Coconut.
  • Jojoba.
  • Shea.
  • Lawyer.
  • Aloe vera.
  • Tea tree.
Tea tree oil is an optimal ingredient for moisturizing hair wearing African braids.

Another way to moisturize braided hair is to spray it with water when it’s dry.

What happens if hair with African braids does not receive proper care?

The first thing that happens in sloppy braids is that they fall apart. In addition, this hairstyle requires hair care to look flawless, even if you don’t wash every day.

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology points out that beyond aesthetic reasons, it is essential to periodically get rid of the grease and dirt that accumulates on the scalp. Thus, the substance does not become a source of microorganisms and infections.

Not taking care of braids also leads to dryness, one of the capillary alterations that compromise the health of the hair and psychologically affect those who present it.

What to keep in mind for weaving African braids

Consider that clinejas that are too tight tighten the skin of the scalp, possibly leading to traction alopecia or irritation. An analysis published by the magazine Dermo-Syphiligraphic Files highlighted cases of non-infectious and slightly painful mechanical folliculitis in women with too tight buns.

If during braiding or already with it you feel discomfort or pain, let the stylist know. This type of hairstyle is for a maximum of 1 month. After this time, you have to let go of your hair so that it can breathe and revitalize it with hair scrubs, masks and vitamins.

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