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Ana de Armas’ platinum blonde is the new trending shade

At the end of September, it arrived on our screens Blond, one of the most anticipated premieres of the season. It is biopic about the life of Marilyn Monroe and features Ana de Armas who is responsible for bringing the actress to life. This return to the 50s and 60s had an impact on the universe beauty make platinum blonde fashionable that the American star wore at that time.

Marilyn is a cinema icon who has crossed the generations. The actress took a dramatic turn in her career when her rep suggested she change her hair color and dye it platinum blonde. This step would make you the greatest sex myth of its time and even today, 60 years after his death, it is still relevant.

On the occasion of the preview of the film on Netflix, L’OBJECTIF spoke with hairdressing professionals to find out all the information we need to imitate the most famous celluloid mane. If you are thinking of giving a twist to your image, dare fashionable hair color and defend it as a true Hollywood diva.

How to get platinum blonde Ana de Armas

Today you can get a platinum blonde in the style of Ana de Armas in Blonde with better quality than in the 50s or 60s because has greatly improved the chemistry and composition of whitening products. If the color silver comes to mind for platinum, “Ana de Armas’ blonde like the iconic Marilyn Monroe is a more vanilla tone, a warmer tone,” explains Alberto Sanguino, expert at the Llongueras cabinet.

Ana de Armas referred to as Marilyn Monroe. (Source: Netflix)

To achieve this, the hair must be subjected to a bleaching process. this is the most aggressive system of the entire family of colorants because it is the one that has the most force to penetrate deep into the hair. “It’s a very aggressive product that leaves the hair cuticle wide open, but there’s no other way to get platinum unless you have a very blonde base,” says Sanguino.

Therefore, the first step is evaluate the base or bottom of the hair that the person who is going to do the blonde has since, depending on her tone, it will be more or less easy to achieve the tone that the mythical Marilyn wore. Carlos Fernández, expert at Franck Provost explains that “in the case of Ana de Armas, she is a woman with fairly dark hair and it took a lot to bleach it”. It gives hope to any woman, regardless of her natural color, that she can successfully achieve her goal.

Not all blondes are the same and the ideal is pay attention to skin tone of the woman to know what touch to give her. If you have cold, rosy skin or freckles like Ana de Armas, the ideal is to tone the complexion with shades like vanilla. For warmer skin, it is better to opt for cooler tones such as ash or smoky.

whitening techniques

As you have seen, getting a beautiful, shiny and healthy blonde It’s not a simple task. Dimitri Barm, creative director of DIM Salón, explains that professionals work meticulously with these colors to achieve the optimal result. The first thing is to study and analyze the hair of each client to find the coloring technique that best suits each hair. Among these methods we can find:

  • Scan: remains the star of natural blonde locks. It is a coloring technique that is done with a brush and does not require silver paper. It is a very meticulous work with freehand highlights, which requires great skill on the part of the professional. The advantage of this system is that root touch-up time is significantly increased because the root is quite fuzzy.
  • Baby light: They are a good color option to achieve a natural blonde. Unlike Sweep, many highlights are done and in different shades of blonde create volume and light. Californian locks will be the perfect bet if you want to be blonde but not undergo continuous touch-ups.
  • California blonde: it is an exclusive service of DIM Salón which consists in creating an extra light blonde with a gradient which blends with the natural color. Only the most beautiful areas of a mane are illuminated, creating an effect modeling.

Maintenance of discolored hair

Bleaching is a chemical process that is very damaging to the hair, so it is essential to maintain a good care routine to avoid a dry and disheveled appearance. To start, you will have to change your usual products start using nourishing cosmetics and other more specific ones aimed at maintaining color. You can alternate them or apply both in the same wash.

Ana de Armas with blonde hair.  (Source: Netflix)
Ana de Armas with blonde hair. (Source: Netflix)

To keep your hair perfect, you have to start use a very nourishing shampoo, in addition to applying cream and mask once a week. In addition, every 15 or 20 days it is advisable to go to the hairdresser to do hair restructuring treatments with a more intensive mask and shades to prevent the hair from changing color.

The job isn’t done once you’ve achieved platinum blonde hair. From this moment you have to maintain it and this process also has difficulties. One of the problems arises when it is necessary discolor the root again when the hair has grown. By only putting the discoloration on the base, it is inevitable that it touches the initial blonde part, which causes the hair to suffer and increases the chances of it breaking.

External agents also condition hair pigment. When there has been prior oxidation of discoloration, hair will tend to yellow and, in some cases, orange, “that’s why it is advisable to go to your salon once a month to take care of your color with a shade with nutrients, pigments and a little oil to feed it”, explains Carlos Fernández of Franck Prévôt.

Adrien Brody and Ana de Armas in
Adrien Brody and Ana de Armas in “Blonde”. (Source: Netflix)

In the summer, care should be increased. In addition to nutrition and hydration, you should apply heat protectants and oils that protect the hair from the sun’s rays, before, during and after sun exposure. These are products that help eliminate residues such as chlorine, salt and iodine from the sea, preventing them from changing the tone of the hair.

As for the frequency of return to the hairdresser to carry out maintenance, it will depend on personal taste. If you want to leave the root visible, a very current trend, “after 4 months, at the latest, you should go touch it up because from that moment the root seems excessive and it doesn’t look pretty. Although really, out of necessity, after a month and a half, he should be gone,” says Alberto Sanguino.

Tips for taking care of blonde hair

The blonde requires extra care to keep it immaculate. Hydration is key, and to maintain it, professionals recommend a super hydrating pre-wash with olive oil or shea butter that you can make at home. Apply a mask on the hair with the mixture based on EVOO and lemon and maintain it for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair in the usual way, applying a moisturizing mask at the end.

The new Franck Provost Neutralizing Range is very effective for keep yellow highlights at bay thanks to the fact that it contains violet pigments. It is specially designed for the most aggressive discolorations as it provides great hydration and protects the hair from oxidation due to pollution and UV rays. Among the star ingredients of its formula, hyaluronic acid and white tea stand out.

Special shampoo for blond hair by Franck Provost
Special shampoo for blond hair by Franck Provost

Cool Silver Conditioner from the firm REF Stockholm is a conditioner with botanical extracts recommended for natural blonde, gray or bleached hair. Contains purple and blue pigments that have been specially chosen to protect, strengthen and neutralize unwanted warm tones caused by oxidation. Made from cranberry oil, it is a conditioner very rich in protective vitamins and antioxidants that will give your hair a 100% natural shine.

REF Stockholm Silver Conditioner
REF Stockholm Cool Silver Conditioner

Do you dare to try the most famous platinum blonde in the history of cinema?

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