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Aveda and Overnight Serum Botanical Repair, the serum that should be in your routine

We know that the personal care it’s interconnected: working on your body every morning to remind us that we are important, taking care of your diet to nurture yourself emotionally, or being aware of your plants as a routine is something necessary to be good with yourself . The latter is very common among lovers of mother earth, because taking care of those plant friends (or children) that we usually have at home can fill your soul, your home and your life with tranquility.

Hydration and protection, these are the two words that are essential to assist the allies of plants, but did you know that these are also the key concepts for your hair? If there’s one company that fits this philosophy, it’s Aveda.

Night Repairing Botanical Serum is the proof. This serum intensely repairs your hair while you sleep, and which also includes natural ingredients such as Nangaithat helps fill in split ends, reducing the appearance of split ends by up to 84% in just one night.

The product your hair (and your body) will love.

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Inherent Beauty Routine

In Vogue Mexico and Latin America We know that when we find a perfect ritual to recover and maintain balance between our body and mind, we cherish it. For this reason, and since there is so much to say about the essential hair that promises to create these moments, we present to you the situations and scenarios that come with Night Repairing Botanical Serum to bind every second of your day with an aura of purity and tranquility.

morning ritual

Every day is a new opportunity and what better way to start it than with a ritual as special as you are. Whether it’s sipping on your favorite energy drink or getting ready for second, Aveda It gives us the opportunity to collect the nutrients of a restful night to overcome an energetic morning.

Driven by intensive repair technology, the restorative mask It is an intensive treatment that instantly strengthens, achieving visibly healthier, softer and shinier hair. A resounding yes to start the day radiant.

moon energy

How many times have we heard that the full moon is a new cycle? Too surely. And it is that the moon is that element that accompanies every night – literally – of your life, with such a bright aura capable of lighting up any corner. Accompany these moments with an equally magical routine. The best option: the night serum of Aveda, what better way to fall asleep with an intensive treatment in your hair. He is 99% of natural origindoes not contain silicones or parabens and, like all products from AvedaIt is vegan and cruelty-free.

Plants as allies

Hair is an extension of our body and is an element connected to nature. Whether due to its organic movement with the air, hydration from the sun’s rays or exposure to the elements, our hair is like the stem of our being, take care of it as such.

Driven by intensive repair technology, Night Repairing Botanical Serum, causes this night serum to create bonds in the inner cortex of the hair, strengthening and repairing it, helping to protect it from future damage. It is recommended to apply them every night, from mid-lengths to ends before going to bed, to sleep with the product in the hair and to style it as usual.

botanic sunday

Paying attention to detail to have a routine that connects us to the holistic part of our life is now a fundamental plan – taking into account the hectic times we are facing. Therefore, Sunday becomes the ideal day to achieve this. Create a balance of The well-being Yes mindfulness with the full range of Botanical repair. Includes the shampoo and fortifying conditioner Botanical repairintensive fortifying masks Botanical Repair – Light and Richand the treatment Repairing Botanical Leave-in Treatmentwith them, you’ll get visibly healthier hair whose results you’ll love.

Are you ready to create the best moments of relaxation and rejuvenation with Aveda?


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