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Bakery: ancient tradition that defends the “Sabores Almería”

For breakfast, as an accompaniment to lunch, a snack or dinner… bread Without a doubt, it is a complement that no home in our country lacks. Breads are also an ingredient in a wide variety of Spanish gastronomy recipes: white garlic, preñao rolls, migas, tomato bread, salmorejo, torrijas, among many others. Undoubtedly, industrialization means that there are fewer and fewer artisan breads and pastries that we can taste, but fortunately in Almería this thousand-year-old tradition is still artisan thanks to the companies Artesanal Products Guada and Panadería El Túnel, ambassadors of this category, one of the fourteen that condense the Gourmet Brand of the Provincial Council ‘Sabores Almería’.


More than five years have passed, it was precisely in 2015 that Productos Artesanales Guada launched its pastry cafeteria activity “with great desire and enthusiasm”, they explain. The secret of his success always starts from his own workshop, located in La Cañada de San Urbano.

Barely three years into his journey, “regular customers have recommended our pastry shop to friends from Madrid who were visiting Almería and have asked us for gentle representative of our city to give to their collaborators”, they recall. At that time they already had in their showcases a very striking donut with their own family recipe for its filling, “which is always in great demand, the classic angel hair filling with aromas of yesteryear due to its aromatic species”, they add.

“Thanks to this little trip of our product to Madrid and the highly accepted references that we have been fortunate to receive through these customers, we have decided to proceed with the national registration of the product, and this is how than the idea of ​​elaborating a product representative of Almería”, they add. Currently, Guadaindalic Donuts The Almería, which comes in two forms, one covered in sugar and the other covered in almonds, is a flagship product of the province.

From Productos Artesanales Guada they assure that “we pamper from the product to its presentation through its packaging since each modality has a packaging color to identify it and know it visually”, adding in this line of innovationIn addition, “we are preparing two new flavors to incorporate into the brand, also based on the flavors and aromas of our land. One will be orange with candied orange inside and the other will be hazelnuts and sweet wine”.

Be part of the family ‘Tastes of Almeria’ “After three years, we are very proud to be part of it because it paved the way for us to make our product known at various agri-food fairs”, they conclude.

three centuries

Another of the ambassadors of this category of ‘Sabores Almería’ is Panadería ‘El Túnel’, a family business that has been making the famous Alhama de Almería donut for three centuries and five generations, tasted by the most exquisite palates inside and out. outside our borders. . Antonio López, director of Panadería ‘El Túnel’, says that “our business is passed down from father to son. We are already the fifth generation, focused on the elaboration of flour derivatives, among which the popular Alhama donut stands out”. Bakery ‘El Túnel’, three centuries and five generations of production “Alhama’s famous donut” (Almería).

A product that continues to follow »the recipe of a lifetime, since 1860and that “it differs from donuts that are made in other bakeries by the flavor, the texture, the softness and the oily taste that they leave in the mouth”. López also reveals that “it follows a long and complex process”.

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