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Beard care tips – La Voz de la Frontera

Beard cravings returned nearly a decade ago, and it’s here to stay. Luckily for everyone, the time when it was understood as an exclusive attribute of the hipster and indie universe is behind us and today facial hair accompanies men of all ages, styles and professions.

It’s likely that at some point you’ve thought about growing your beard, and if the idea appeals to you, but you don’t know where to start to grow it or you even already have one, but you don’t know not how to maintain and care for it, here we will share with you some useful tips.

Moises, an expert in the hair salon industry, a profession that was born as a hobby for him 6 years ago, tells us the secrets to taking care of it.

The cut and contour depends on the style that the customer brings or requests, as well as advice on the style or the products that could be used.

“We see the type of hair the person has, the type of beard, what they want; if it is a short or long beard, moisturize it with oil or cream, because the skin dries out a lot, so your hair will grow healthy, smooth and strong »

“After contouring or shaving, it is recommended to use an “after-shave” or after-shave balm, to avoid irritation or infection, to be able to close the pores and be clean.

Another tip for a presentable and well-groomed beard is to maintain constant maintenance and shape of the facial hair, not to mention a good treatment.

“There are people who grow their hair after three days or people who grow it after two weeks, depending on the growth, the ideal to maintain this treatment is every week or every two weeks. “

“We live in a city that is very polluted, accumulating so much hair and not giving it your treatment or care, generates that there is a lot of dirt left on the face, from there it leads to infection or so many pimples, scabs and dryness come out; it’s all based on ongoing care and maintenance”.

One of the consequences of a bad shave is encrusted hair on the chin, which can cause some skin discomfort, as well as reddish pimples caused by this bad practice.

“In these cases, it is recommended to shave first in favor of hair growth, from top to bottom; if you already have it, you can come with us barbers to take good care of you and explain the process to prevent you from damaging your skin, in case you do it at home”.

It is not recommended to use creams or oils with alcohol on the beard or on the hair, as this liquid could damage and dry out the skin, the ideal is to use special organic products for the care of the face area.

“Argan oil is very good for nourishing your skin and making your beard shine”

Another of the dilemmas is that of the hairless chin, the suffering of many men who want to have a beard, who resort to various products or natural methods to produce hair growth in totally desert areas.

“I recommend 3-5% minoxidil because others are very strong and can damage your skin; To start seeing results, three months have to pass, little by little, and after six months the results will be very visible”

“For the person who does not work, it is because they despair and after two or three weeks they do not follow the treatment”.

It should be remembered that before using any product of medical or dermatological quality, it is advisable to consult a specialist beforehand.

Today, there are many styles of beards, whether high, bushy; hipster style, 80s, long and sharp, for young people or adults, who want to look young, padlock, old styles with a modern touch, whatever your beard type, don’t forget to have some take care and keep it clean to have that image you want to get.


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