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Best Drugstore Masks for Burned Hair

The swimming pool, the sun and the beach have damaged your hair? Do you want to regain the luminous complexion you had before and you don’t know which products are best suited for this? In this Apoteka article we tell you what you can do to show healthy hair and which mask is most recommended for a burnt hair.

The condition of the hair reveals the physical and emotional state of each person. Clean, healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair is a sign of inner health and well-being. For this reason, the hair problems They are of particular concern at any age and are often a reason for consultation in pharmacies.

Currently, as indicated Elsevierthe apothecary has a wide variety of products of hair treatment and, therefore, it is possible to find many products that improve or solve any hair problem.

Although excessive hair loss is considered one of the most frequent problems and the one that worries the population the most, there are also other alterations such as dandruff or burnt hair that generate discomfort in patients. In the next section we will tell you what professionals recommend to improve the appearance of these dry, dyed or damaged hair.

Mask for burnt hair

For brittle, burnt or damaged hair that breaks easily from brushing or sun exposure, pharmacists recommend shampoos or products based on oat seedyarrow flowers, mango, shea or desert dates. A group of ingredients that are characterized precisely by their ability to restore the scalp from root to tip, as well as helping to gently cleanse the hair.

As for the masks, the same specialists recognize that these cosmetics are particularly indicated when the hair is particularly dry or has a very damaged appearance due to external factors such as the sun, chlorine or dye. Thus, they advise:

  • Apply a mask with re-greasing and nourishing active ingredients (ceramides, liposomes, oils and butters) and moisturizing active ingredients (glycerin, panthenol) after washing
  • Prolong the product with circular massages and gentle movements.
  • let it work as long as possible. “Product penetration is enhanced if the hair is wrapped in a towel or applied with moist heat (eg, in a steam sauna),” they point out.

In addition, they also point out the following tips to restore shine to hair:

  • Wash your hair once or twice a weekwith just one soap
  • Use a mild shampoo that contains re-greasing active ingredients to compensate for the lipids lost during washing.
  • For very dry, thick and very damaged hair, you can also apply a leave-in conditioner. “This product brings extra softness and shine and makes the hair easier to comb,” they defend.
  • Let your hair air dryi.e. do not expose it to direct sunlight or hair dryer unless absolutely necessary
  • If you use the hair dryer, first apply a heat protectant for hair
  • In case of split ends, apply a serum
  • Apply a sun protection product whether the hair is going to be exposed to the sun
  • Protect the hair with a hat or cap made of natural fibers in case of wind

Although it may contain statements, data or notes from institutions or health professionals, the information contained in Apoteka is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend that the reader consult a healthcare practitioner with any health-related questions.

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