Businesses in Fall River, New Bedford still searching for more workers

FALL RIVER — For local employers, the end of the big quit can’t come soon enough.

Because while the national unemployment rate fell to 3.9% in December, the so-called quit rate for workers voluntarily quitting their jobs hit a record 4.5 million in November, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. United States.

The term big quit has come to represent the phenomenon of workers quitting their jobs to take advantage of a labor market where job offers outnumber those ostensibly looking for work.

The fact that a growing number of people have left their jobs and do not seem particularly eager to join the American labor market is causing consternation among business owners and those who represent the interests of those owners.

“It’s terrible,” said Mike O’Sullivan, co-CEO of One SouthCoast Chamber with offices in Fall River and New Bedford.

“I wonder if they’re not working how they manage to pay their bills,” said O’Sullivan, who manages the Fall River office of the 1,600-member chamber of commerce.

“The COVID logic no longer applies,” he added, referring to workers who may have previously stopped going to work for fear of contracting COVID-19.

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