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Disruptive hair by Salvadoran stylists

In terms of cuts, one of the most popular is the geometric pixie. Others like the shaggy mullet and the clavicut also stand out. LPG/ FELIX AMAYA

Pantone-dictated Color of the Year 2022, Very Peri, stood out for combining blues with purples, which the beauty industry couldn’t ignore, revealing some of the boldest hair color trends. .

For the bravest women who aren’t afraid to break the rules, fancy colors are a bold option, especially in shades of blue, pink and purple. “Hair is an accessory like necklaces. Just as we change the color of our dresses, costumes, makeup, it’s the same for hair, they have a whole life ahead of them so as not to marry a single style,” says stylist Edward. Frank.

Choosing a fancy dye should consider the shades that go best with your skin tone. On the one hand, brown skins should favor warmer colors to bring a little harmony, although it is not bad to experiment with cool colors as long as they are worn in style. On the other hand, fair-skinned people have no major problem choosing a fancy hair tone.

Added to this are the exposed roots, which are no longer frowned upon, to give the look a more relaxed touch. “The important thing is that the person feels good, even if it’s not what someone suggests or what the canons of beauty dictate, the important thing is that the person feels happy,” adds Franco.

The most daring trends rub shoulders with timeless tones such as reds and blondes. LPG/ Wendy Urbina

Those who never go out of style

Esta llamativa tendencia siempre viene de la mano de los rubios y rojos que nunca pasan de moda, y que incluso vienen acompañados de otras técnicas como el balayage, que es un color difuminado que illumine el contorno del rostro, pero manteniendo siempre la base natural de nobody.

“Not just because the color is trending, we’ll apply it to anyone, I’m one of the stylists who doesn’t like to lie to clients. A balayage might look good on all of them, but the skin color greatly influences when it comes to making a good hair color, because normally Latino hair tends to shed orange pigments”, explains stylist Irving Alfaro, with 15 years of experience in the field.

For the image professional, having beautiful blonde or dyed hair requires adequate care, that is, good products that maintain the color and texture of the hair. Today, there are countless products, including organic and vegan, which are gaining ground in this world of beauty. However, the person must know and decide how much they can spend and what they want to do to maintain their tincture.

Another popular color is copper, also called “ginger”. GPL/Felix Amaya

“When a hair is dyed, obviously it won’t respond to you in the same way as a natural hair, it requires a good shampoo and conditioner, which is essential; a good protein that you can’t miss, especially if you like dry your hair at home. There are many brands, from a $7 bottle to one that can cost $40 or $50,” says Alfaro.

Likewise, another of the trendy colors is copper, also known as ginger or copper, which is a mixture of warm colors in the range of red or orange, and is suitable for fair skin. or brown. Despite this, most Salvadoran women remain conservative with their hair and don’t dare make such drastic changes, so they look for an easy-to-wear style that doesn’t involve a lot of time in the salon.

Stylists point out that in hairstyles, the ones that stand out the most right now are water waves, curls and timeless ones. GPL/Javier Aparicio

Adaptation to Salvadoran tastes

Eduardo Franco, who defines himself as an eclectic creative stylist, who can work from classic and precise hair for the most conservative person or something more extravagant for a “haute couture” or a catwalk, looks at trendy cuts and how they can be adapted to the tastes of Salvadoran women.

“In the seasonal cuts, there is always the geometric pixie, which we have seen quite well since Emma Watson launched it in the Prada campaign, with very geometric bangs. The shaggy mullet and the clavicut, which is a little longer to the collarbone. , but with waves. Fringes are also very fashionable, like those in curtains but in quite a few lengths: between the eyebrows, to the middle of the nose or up to at the tip of your nose,” she explains.

Urbina Fantasy. For women looking to experiment, fancy colors, especially blues, pinks and purples, are a bold option. LPG/Wendy

According to the expert, these trends can be adapted to any age and taste of the Salvadoran woman, depending on the texture of the hair. In the case of the pixie, it can be complemented with less geometric, but more irregular and long bangs. This type of hairstyle requires a bit more maintenance, as short hair always tends to get out of control quicker and easier, so the haircut should be done every month or every month and a half.

For Franco, hair care essentials are: shampoo to cleanse, conditioner to restore texture, mask as a high-impact treatment, hold to define and finish to seal.

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