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Does apple cider vinegar get rid of dandruff?

The rice water it helps us grow taller or that washing your hair twice is highly recommended. There are many tips that we can find on the most popular social network in the world and some of them are far from true. However, others actually help. Find out in this note.

During the last years ICT Tac It has positioned itself as one of the most popular platforms for young people and adults. In 30-second videos, users can not only have fun, but also find tutorials and tips on all kinds of everyday things, from cooking to recommendations for our daily lives.

It is in this area that beauty tips and tricks abound on this social network, especially for hair care, promising to increase its length in just a few days with the use of natural products, eliminate dandruff or make it look healthier and shinier than ever.

But are all these recommendations true? We asked Catalina Fernández, hairstylist and color expert, how true these viral TikTok tips are.

1- Should you wash your hair twice during the shower? Truth

Although few people know it, it is a rule in hair care, because when the hair is washed for the first time, the external agents that are in the most superficial part are eliminated, while the second wash guarantees that the hair is completely clean.

2- Do scalp massages promote hair growth? Truth

Probably on the Internet you have seen special brushes for massaging the hair but not knowing their use, they are used to massage the scalp, which stimulates the glands and blood circulation, which stimulates the follicle and allows pumping a lot better nutrients. that the hair grows

In the same way, a massage with our hands when applying the shampoo also produces the same effect, always gently and without exerting too much pressure.

3- Can rosemary oil be the best ally for our hair? Truth

Among its properties, rosemary helps our hair grow healthier, in addition to strengthening it, since it activates circulation and that undoubtedly helps hair health.

4- Is there a relationship between the phases of the moon and hair growth? Myth

The main cause of hair growth is blood nutrition, so as long as blood is circulating in our body, hair will continue to grow. Although there are people who claim that the different phases of the moon actually have an impact on their hair and growth, this is not scientifically proven.

5- Does rice water make hair grow only a few centimeters in days? Myth

One of the tips that has gone viral on TikTok is rice water and how it boosts hair growth, making a long dream come true in just a few days. Although there are indigenous communities that practice this practice successfully, Catalina Fernández (@lapelusienta) comments that she does not know of any reliable cases showing that this mixture is effective.

6- Is it advisable to use aloe vera on the hair? Truth

The aloe vera plant is one of the most beneficial that exists for our body, one of its uses helps to repair our hair, especially after discoloration when it is weaker, becoming a great ally for hair health .

7- Do apple cider vinegar and avocado seed help eliminate dandruff? Myth

Using these ingredients may help to make dandruff slide off when applied to the hair, but not permanently eliminate the problem, as the main cause of dandruff is the presence of the Pityrosporum fungus, so a recommended treatment is use of shampoo with fungicide indicated by a professional.

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