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Dove presented its first natural herbal range – Revista Para Ti

The brand held a kick-off meeting to tell all the news about its new Dove Real Power of Plants line, which includes shampoos, conditioners and masks free of parabens, silicones and sulfates. The products contain 100% naturally-derived fragrance, 98% naturally-derived ingredients in the conditioners, and are Cruelty Free (PETA) certified. In addition, their bottles are 100% recycled.

Dove present “The true power of plants”its first natural plant-based line, continuing its commitment to offering products with ingredients of natural origin, with the brand’s skincare references.

This vision translates into actions through four principles which have their respective certifications: herbalof which more than 95% of the ingredients are of vegetable origin and the perfumes are 100% of natural origin, Ingredients free frombased on products without parabens, silicones, sulphates and dyes, circular economywith recyclable bottles and made of 100% recycled plastic and Cruelty Free (PETA) because no Dove product is tested on animals.

“With Dove, we have always helped our consumers discover their beauty potential through products that offer superior care. Today we go a step further by presenting this line, the first of the brand based on ingredients of natural origin, which seeks to bring closer a natural option without giving up results. Because we believe that hair care is our choice and now we can choose a product in harmony with the planet”, he pointed Pia Fittipaldibrand manager of Dove.

The Dove Real Power of Plants line is made up of shampoo (300ml bottle), Conditioner (300 ml bottle) and mask (190ml jar) with different proposals for each consumer need:

  • Strength + Bamboo: Bamboo is a plant known for its fast and very strong growth, it is rich in amino acids which are known to help rebuild hair. Strength + Bamboo nourishes and strengthens weak and brittle hair with the power of plants, from root to tip, so that it becomes strong, silky and resistant.
  • Purification + Ginger: purifies and hydrates oily or combination hair without weighing it down, leaving it shiny and naturally revitalised.
  • Nutrition + Geranium: Geranium is a flower known for its properties that help prevent split ends and give hair softness. This option nourishes and restores damaged hair, leaving it soft and visibly healthy.
The first natural herbal line from Dove.

Commitment to health, well-being and the planet

Introducing Dove Real Power of Plants is part of the sustainability strategy of Unileverwhich is reflected in its commitments to improve the health of the planet, the health, confidence and well-being of people and to contribute to a more just and inclusive world.

“All bottles in the Real Power of Plants range are 100% recycled and recyclable, this is part of our commitment to the circular economy and the health of the planet”, concluded the Brand Manager of the brand.

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