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Dry shampoo, what is it and in which situations should it be used?

The hair care It is very important to show a radiant hair and also for a question of personal hygiene. This is constantly exposed to external erosion such as pollution, extreme temperatures or the accumulation of grease. Therefore, there are a variety of products that help us keep it in good condition today.

One of the most innovative is the Dry shampoo, an increasingly popular hair care product that can already be found in many establishments. But do you really know what this trendy product is and in which situations to use it? In this article, we are going to tell you everything so that you can find your best ally there.

What is a dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a product designed to wash hair when dirt or sweat has built up. Originally formulated to help maintain hygiene in circumstances where a bathroom or water source is not accessible. clean water do this procedure in the traditional way. That is to say to save yourself at work, during a dinner with friends or in the middle of the street.

Its main quality is that does not need rinsing to apply and, above all, to give excellent results in hair hygiene. Thanks to this practicality, many people are starting to use it and it is already sold in cosmetic stores such as at excellent prices and with different formulas.

What is this hygiene product for?

The main use of this product is to clean the hair, as we mentioned, and with the ease of not needing a water source to do so. This can be very positive for people who have oily hair trendthose with cuts that are more likely to get dirty, such as bangs, or hair that lasts less after applying traditional shampoo.

In addition, dry shampoo has evolved over the years and with the expansion of its use, therefore, it now offers us other interesting advantages. For example, these are products capable of prevent clumping In those manes that have fine hair, they add volume and make the hair loose, natural and shiny.

Another important feature is that it prevents washing with traditional shampoo from being so constant and continuous. It is very positive for the hair, but it is also very practical for people long hair or complicated that require investing a lot of time in the process of washing, rinsing and drying the hair.

When to use dry shampoo

Let’s get to the answer to the big question, when is it best to apply dry shampoo? Well, it’s true that it’s very useful in these emergency times. For example, when a dinner party lasts longer than expected and you end up going out for a drink with your hair unwashed! Just apply it in an instant and acquire a better, or at least more hygienic image to live up to the rest of the unexpected night. However, this is not necessarily the best or most appropriate time to apply this product.

The ideal is to integrate the use of dry shampoo into the usual routines to be able to take advantage of all its benefits and to make it possible to space out the washes with the usual shampoo. For this, the most appropriate is apply it at night before going to sleep. During these hours, we will allow time for the product to take effect and absorb dirt or grease at its own pace. In the morning, the hair will be much cleaner without having to go through the lightening work.

How to apply dry shampoo? Step by step

The truth is there is Different types of dry shampoo today, so you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs and your hair type. This means that some products may have certain peculiarities in their application, which you should check by reading the instructions supplied with each product.

Generally, these are The footsteps To properly apply a dry shampoo:

  • Divide your hair into sections and apply the dry shampoo to each of them, about 20 cm from the hair.
  • Apply the product evenly throughout the length of your hair, focusing more on the root area, as this tends to accumulate more oil than the rest of the hair.
  • Leave the product on your hair for about 5 minutes after application so that it absorbs the dirt.
  • Finally, it is convenient to remove the remnants of the product from the hair. This can be done by brushing your hair several times or by using a hair dryer that looks on cool mode.

With these simple steps, your hair will be radiant in minutes and in any situation. It is perfect so that it always looks perfect, even when there is not enough time to do a very thorough cleaning. It avoids the discomfort of water, rinses and hair drying, which is a joy. Remember, yes, apply it by following all the steps. Pouring it over without distributing it or not removing it after the hair may not result in as effective results.

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