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€40 for a useless or even harmful service

Shade here and shade there, a glass mirror and look at yourself. This iconic song mechanic about makeup and flirting in front of a mirror is no longer just a human thing. The fashion for grooming and improving the image has also spread to dogs Yes cats thanks to calls canine and feline hairdressers. But do pets really need so many touch-ups? Some chains even offer services that can be harmful or harmful to animals and for which they can be charged up to 40 euro more to customers.

Elizabeth Illán, canine and feline hairdresser with experience in different chains in the sector, points out Global consumer that these centers have only one conception of hygiene and HealthNope aesthetic as some owners think. “There are people who insist on cutting the hair of their pets when these breeds do not need it and in addition there are companies who take advantage of it to make money”, explains Illán.

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A question of health or aesthetics?

Illán insists that the work of hairdressers and beauty centers veterinary hygiene It is essential for the health of pets, “since dermatological diseases such as eczema or tumors can be detected”. The problem is when bad practices are carried out that are not good for the animals and they also represent an additional cost for the owners.

A dog in a dog grooming salon / FREEPIK
A dog in a dog grooming salon / FREEPIK

A very common case is that of Persian cats, whose hair should not be cut. This is because they lose a natural protective layer against sunburn and heatstroke. “The only thing you have to do is brush them off,” says Illán. And this practice, which can be free at home in some chains, can cost around 20 euros. In addition, shaving and trimming the hair of the animal costs around 60 euros, according to this worker, which is why it is very tempting for many chains like kiwoko That is Koala advising a useless or even harmful service, instead of advising well and earning less money.

Unnecessary and harmful services of some canine and feline groomers

“There are owners who may think that their animal is suffering Heat because of their long hair, when precisely that protects them”, explains veterinarian Irene Guanyabens. “There are cases of owners who, in order not to brush their dog themselves or for aesthetic reasons, take them to dog grooming salons in complete ignorance,” he laments.

Illán highlights certain practices, more aesthetic than anything else, that are best avoided if you have a pet. “There are instances where they insist on cutting the hair with scissors so that there is a pompous hairstyle or even examples of animals being dyed,” he says. In this sense, Raquel De Lanuza, owner of the Dog grooming leaves a mark de Soto del Real, however, details that in recent years, and according to his experience, the design of this type of center has changed. “Before, people would bring their dog once or twice a year to shave it for cosmetic reasons. Now the owners realized there was a health issue beyond that,” he says.

The importance of hair in pets

In summer, especially because of the heat, the owners abuse to take their furry life companions to the hairdresser. “Many customers ask us to shave their scratching animals because they say they are hot. But it’s absurd, as long as they have neat and tangle-free hair, they won’t suffer anymore,” De Lanuza explains. Indeed, specialists and experts insist on the important work of protection exercises the hair against the sun, pests or scratches. “Our duty is to inform customers so that they understand that it is not good for their pet to do these practices,” explains this professional.

A cat in a feline hair salon / FREEPIK
A cat in a feline hair salon / FREEPIK

Another of the most common cases, according to the owner of Deja Huella, is the haircut in double coated dogs. These animals have a layer of primary hair and another of secondary hair, which they themselves shed regularly and over time. Some of these breeds are the German Shepherd, Husky, Golden or Saint Bernard. “In these cases, you should not shave, just brush at home and take a bath once in a while, but never shave.”

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A dog / PEXELS

Bad practices of some channels

Despite the fact that most canine and feline hairdressers display responsible care service regarding the treatment of pets, there are cases of companies and chains being criticized for implementing certain practices. “I have worked in stores that indirectly ask you to go in and make certain cuts, even if it is not the right thing to do, just to achieve the economic objective that you need to achieve”, explains Illan.

“Some chains give you more independence so you can decide how to do your job. But in other places they ask you to say yes to all the services, regardless of the particularities of the animal. If the client the request, it’s done, period”, adds this hairdresser.

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