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Expert keys to protect your hair from sun exposure in August

To maintain the shine and hydration of the hair in summer, it is crucial to intensify its care and pay special attention to hydration. As with the skin, the harmful effects of UV rays and sea water dry out the scalp and the hair, even breaking it, splitting the ends and dulling it.

To do this, professionals advise to expand the hair care routine, use specific products and use certain tricks before, during and after the beach. The stylist José García, responsible for the centers and hairdressers that bear his name, has designed a simple and very basic guide to improve hair care during the summer months, especially in August.

“When our skin burns due to excessive sun glare and lack of protection, we are unable to withstand contact with anything from rubbing against clothing to a light shower of hot water. “, says García, affirming that, however, “we only appreciate the damage that the sun can cause to our hair after several days or even weeks, resulting in a slow and sometimes incomplete recovery.

A woman brushes sand from her hair on the beach


This hair care professional assures that preventing hair from thinning in the summer is a near impossible mission, even if it is possible to prevent “the damage from harming the health of the hair, by protecting before and repairing after the sun”. Your guide to protecting your hair in the summer starts by including a hat that lets your hair breathe, like raffia hats or the like, among your beach essentials. For this reason, García recommends avoiding scarves made of thick fabric because they prevent the hair from sweating, accumulate sweat on the head and increase the temperature.

The first step in hair care begins with a change in habits. “Every time you get out of the water, whether it’s the pool or the beach, rinse your hair well under a shower of fresh water to partially remove traces of salt or chlorine, both of which are harmful to baths. sunshine,” he explains. He adds that chlorine is a chemical compound that damages the hair fiber and that in blonde dyes it reacts by turning them green. So, in the summer, it is necessary to use clarifying shampoos, which help to remove the remnants of saltpeter deposited in the hair.

Expert advice:

From chignon to defining creams

There’s no worse feeling on the beach than feeling your wet hair sticking to your back. This hair professional warns that “if you choose to do a bun, it is important to do it with wet hair to maintain the humidity without making it extremely taut and to loosen it from time to time to re-moisten it with fresh water”.

Braiding the hair is also beneficial to prevent the hair from suffering less in the water, for example with ocean waves or when jumping into the pool. García adds that picking it up prevents it from breaking or at least reduces the damage caused by the movement of the sea.

A woman by the sea with her hair tied up

A woman by the sea with her hair tied up


After a day at the beach or at the pool, if there is no possibility of taking a fresh water shower, according to García, it is practical to apply a little wave defining cream right after the last bath and let it air dry. “This trick does not directly help the hair care, but it helps the aesthetics. In this way, a more beautiful mane is obtained, avoiding the typical beach hair look”, he admits.

must-have products

Some of the must-have beauty basics every beach basket should have include dry shampoos, Leonor Greyl oils for the scalp, and keratin sprays.

All of these products basically focus on moisturizing the hair and scalp. Avoiding drought is crucial during the summer months.

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