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False eyelashes, hair-to-hair extensions… The tyranny of always being beautiful

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you put your eyelashes, it fits you well. Ever since you woke up, you’ve been perfect. You come out of the sea as if you were wearing makeup. You stop wearing mascara. The effect is wonderful and, of course, addictive. You never want to be without them again.” Elena García, 35, speaks. She has been wearing false eyelashes for two years without interruption.

Start small. lifting (a treatment that lengthens and creates a slight curve), 2D eyelash extensions hair by hair (depending on the size of the false eyelashes that are placed on yours), then 3D… “Today, they are no longer natural at all”, he specifies . In fact, you don’t have to look too hard to notice them. Her eyes resemble those of a Nancy doll. “I didn’t take the necessary breaks and my pluses started to weaken until they fell”, she slips sadly.

She saw an ophthalmologist, who recommended removing them immediately and giving her time to regenerate. But, instead, she put on false eyelashes which she herself admits are overdone. They stay glued to their eyes. This makes him somewhat unhygienic, he says, as he cannot wash his face well in the morning. “I can’t stand the idea of ​​seeing myself without eyelashes. I am ugly“, he admits.

NOTor can I bear the thought of seeing myself without eyelashes

Elena Garcia, 35 years old.

You can theorize a lot about extensions, eyelashes and hair, but This is not to alarm or scare anyone. Today, explain the doctors consulted by ZEN, there are techniques and products that are really good and that do not have to lead to extreme cases like Garca’s. But the truth is, wearing false eyelashes is a real boom in women and centers dedicated to this task, as well as those of hair extensions, proliferate like mushrooms. Not all are equally professional, and some prefer to get carried away with the price.


“The cosmetic false eyelash treatments or hair-to-hair extensions should not pose a health hazard to the eyes. In general, they are well tolerated. But the biggest problem is usually the glues or solvents which are used to attach or remove them,” explains Fernanda Fernndez-Tresguerres, ophthalmologist at the oculoplasty unit of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

Since they can come into contact with the ocular surface, they can cause allergic reactions or irritation, warns the doctor. “It is also important the weight and length of the eyelashes. They must be consistent and not excessively disproportionate.”

Not in vain, there are those who already call them fake blinds. If they are very exaggerated compared to the natural ones, in fact, confirms this ophthalmology, it can cause our own eyelashes to fall out. “It also happens on a daily basis manipulation or painting with mascara”, alert on the mistreatment that we exert on them if we apply a wipe to remove make-up raincoat (waterproof).


Eyelash glues usually contain cyanoacrylate in greater or lesser concentration or similar components from the group of acrylates. “They ensure rapid drying but there are patients allergic to these substances and they cause eye irritation, itching and/or tearing”, specifies the doctor.

Some have methacrylate (PMMA), which causes this prolonged adhesion. “They can be dark, with carbon, or transparent,” says Fernndez-Tresguerres, who recommends avoiding them if you’re allergic to any of these substances. She also insists on putting herself in the hands of experts in these cosmetic treatments, because although there are more and more approved centers and they are safe, not all practices are created equal.

They must be consistent and not excessively disproportionate

Fernanda Fernández-Tresguerres, ophthalmologist

At ZEN, we have consulted some of the most popular centers and they assure that a minimal percentage of clients are allergic to eyelash extensions. “Actually, they’re glue, not extensions.” These beauticians, who prefer not to reveal their name, recognize situations of itching or minimal swelling when putting them on or after hours of wearing them. “It also happens with manicures due to chemical products and with certain creams in facial treatments that cause reactions”, they justify.


  • Among the most repeated tips after one or two filled are the times of rest and even apply a certain type of serum like the famous RevitaLash to refresh the tab. “Depending on the cosmetic product used and if you have suffered hair loss, yes, it would be advisable to wait a bit”, recommends the ophthalmologist.
  • The loss of eyelashes is generally transitory: “If we then do good eyelid hygiene and rest”, specifies the doctor. Normally, the angene phase, or express growth, lasts four to eight weeks. “There are products containing prostaglandin analogues that stimulate real growth and increase the number of them, but there are still not enough studies and, in any case, they must be used under ophthalmological control”.
  • In the case of being a punctual executive and with good products, such as ensuring that the glue is hypoallergenic, there will be no major consequences. “But it’s true that when they fall, they can drag the eyelash itself and take time to come out,” explains dermatologist Paloma Cornejo, who joins the ophthalmologist in pointing out the problem of size and weight. “If they are big, heavy and we repeat the process a lot, by pulling, we will weaken the eyelash follicle.”
  • Dermatologist Cornejo warns of possible styes or infections due to the accumulation of fat by not cleaning them so that they do not fall out. “Watch out for that”.
  • In addition, they can be twisted and nailed, “so care must be taken not to cause eye injuries if you put on very exaggerated eyelashes”, concludes Cornejo.
  • And, in the same way that extensions can cause a rebound effect and deteriorate eyelashes that have not already been deemed long and beautiful, certain behaviors established in the beauty routine are dangerous. how to give too much layers of mascara, do not remove makeup with specialized biphasic cleansers undo the product or use a curling iron every day.
  • As a final conclusion, it is recommended that you choose the center where you are going to receive the treatment by an expert who, in general, will not cause problems. But if they happen ophthalmologic complications or symptoms You need to go to a specialized firm.


“When you get used to something, we take it as normal and the tendency is to always go above and beyond“, explains Raquel Gonzlez, cosmatologist and director of training at Perricone MD, who draws attention to consumerism, sometimes excessive, as the culprit of this erroneous thought of wanting everything in the superlative. “The same thing happens to some people with the cosmetic : you put on eyelashes and when it’s time to renew them you increase them, for example, because your mind normalizes what was already not normal”.

This also happens with cosmetics. Often, users who buy on line moved by the latest viral beauty trend on TikTok they opt for what has the most power, without saying that it is the most suitable product for their skin. “There are clients who acquire referrals from our brand that an expert would never prescribe if they went to a salon or clinic. Another clear example is seen in breast augmentations and the smiles are endless. The key is in do not lose sight and letting ourselves be advised by those around us, but above all by experts, professionals who will always recommend what suits us best and what is the healthiest”, concludes the cosmetologist.


We devote a large part of the agenda to healthcare, especially to women. The appointment for manicures, perfect eyebrows, false eyelashes, extensions, laser hair removal… Impeccable. Experts are already pointing to behaviors derived from the use of social networks and the standardization of filters. This is why the famous people who come out of this scenario of continuous pressure are applauded, like the Miss who competes without makeup or the singer Rosala disheveled and with dark circles in her social profiles.

Is it a tyrant to always be beautiful? Are we forgetting more important things? “We are in a society with increasingly equal faces and where the cult of beauty reigns. We spend so much time perfecting ourselves and with such high standards that in the end, instead of enjoying the beach, we don’t get in the water so as not to damage our hair and eyelashes. A posture where you get lost in real life,” says dermatologist Paloma Cornejo, who calls on doctors like her to use common sense in all of this. “Especially when we talk about aesthetic medicine techniques, which often involve mental and physical health issues“.

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