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Find out how to hide gray hair with rosemary

WOMEN. In addition to being an essential aromatic plant in the kitchen to season all kinds of dishes, Rosemary It is also known for its health and beauty benefits.

For cosmetic purposes, one of its most widespread uses is as a “natural dye” to cover gray hair. And it’s that this herb has hair-darkening power that makes it ideal for the task, Health 180 said.

Rosemary is a plant that should not be missing in kitchens, but it is also important in cosmetics.

How to use rosemary to cover gray hair?

Although there is no research to support the action of rosemary on hair pigmentation, generation after generation has inherited the use of this herb to camouflage gray hair without chemicals.

According to the aforementioned website, this herb darkens gray hair, but with consistent use you will notice the effect. In other words, it is not a magic formula that will disappear immediately.

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Generally, it must be used weekly to achieve the goal. In the end, in addition to covered gray hair, we would have a hair and a healthier scalp, as rosemary can improve shine, among other things.

Rosemary for gray hair
Its use must be continuous and being a natural ingredient, it contributes to the scalp and a healthier mane.

People who can benefit are those with dark hair who struggle with the appearance of that dreaded melanin-free hair.

Clarified all that, then we explain 3 ways to apply this herb it’s up to you to test its certainty of naturally darkening hair without pigment and replacing conventional dyes.

with rosemary oil

One of the ways to use rosemary to cover gray hair is to add it to shampoo. How? Just add about 10 drops of this herb oil to the product and apply the preparation daily.

According to the means previously mentioned, another way to use this plant to camouflage hair without melanin is to apply the oil to the scalp, with a head massage for 15 minutes.

rosemary oil
Rosemary oil can be added to the shampoo of your choice and directly onto the scalp.

On the other hand, according to Healthline, using rosemary oil on the scalp has other benefits such as stimulating hair growth, preventing premature graying and dandruff.

Also helps relieve dry or itchy scalp.

With rosemary infusion

If you don’t have rosemary oil, you can darken hair naturally using an infusion of the herb. To prepare it, the first step is to boil a pot with a liter of water.

Once it reaches boiling point, add 7 sprigs of rosemary to the water. Immediately after, turn off the heat and let stand for about 10 minutes.

Rosemary infusion
Rosemary infusion is easy and convenient to prepare and its application is simple.

Once cooled, apply to hair. Then wait about 20 minutes for the infusion to set in your hair. After this time, rinse with cold water.

Alliance of rosemary and sage

According to Naturally Curly, while rosemary’s power to darken gray hair is well known, its “darkening effect” isn’t as strong as that of other herbs, such as sage.

Therefore, combining the two is a perfect option to create a stronger herbal dye to darken gray hair. In addition, it would bring the many benefits of each one with hair

For this, you just need to put a pot with 3 cups of water, half a cup of rosemary and half a cup of sage over low heat until it starts boiling. Once there, 5 drops of rosemary essential oil should be added.

sage rosemary
Both plants have high natural properties that help cover gray hair and strengthen the scalp.

Then, you have to mix everything so that it integrates and let the preparation rest for 30 minutes. At the end of this time, filter the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle to which, incidentally, we add a sprig of rosemary.

This way you are ready for action. How do we use it? This shade should be applied in the hair from the middle to the ends and leave it overnight, preferably with a shower cap.

The next day, rinse thoroughly, wash with a shampoo suitable for your specific hair color and follow the rest of the steps of your normal hygiene and hair care routine. Finally, let it dry naturally.

goodbye gray hair
For best results, you should include rosemary remedies in your daily routine.

The preparation can be used weekly or every three days until the effect is visible. gray hair darkening. The mixture expires after 5 days.

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