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Five steps to treat dry hair in winter – PressPerú

Lime.- In recent weeks, low temperatures have surprised the capital. According to experts from the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru, July and August will be the coldest months of 2022 and the temperature will be 11°C to 12°C on average in the capital.

These low temperatures can wreak havoc on the scalp and hair strands, as the cold constricts blood vessels, causing the sebaceous glands to produce less oil, a component that hydrates our hair and gives it shine. . Faced with this scenario, it is advisable to use products specially formulated for the care of dry hair.

On this subject, Fiorella Solari, marketing manager of Natura, commented: “Just as we choose a skincare routine based on our skin type, our haircare should also be tailored to our needs. That’s why Natura, through its hair care line, Lumina, presents a treatment for dry hair that contains cutting-edge technology that will reveal the unique beauty of every woman. Lumina ensures hair regeneration to the exact extent of each damage, reducing hair porosity by up to 70%”.

Below, Natura Lumina shares five steps to treat dry hair this season:

Cleansing with Nutrition: The use of shampoo is a fundamental step in the hair care routine because it is important to eliminate the impurities that accumulate on the scalp. Despite this need, during the winter months it is advisable to use shampoos with active ingredients that cleanse the hair without drying it out. One of them is the shampoo for dry hair from the Lumina de Natura line with components that double the softness and hydration of the hair.

Conditions: after removing impurities, use a conditioner that meets your hair’s moisture needs. For instance; Lumina Conditioner contains Pró-teia biotechnology that fills hair strands from the inside out. Apply the product to the strands, except the roots, leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

Repair: If you’re looking to boost the moisture in your hair, add the use of hair masks to your routine. These products work by repairing the hair in depth, controlling its volume and treating porosity. The Lumina Dry Hair Repair Mask acts on the recomposition of the capillary cortex and strengthens the hair. Use one to three times a week after the conditioner.

Add shine: Add shine to your hair using nourishing oils. Before combing, on dry or damp hair, apply Lumina Light Repair Oil, which combines the Nutri-Revitalization active ingredient with a bio-elixir of oils from Brazilian biodiversity, to deeply repair the hair and reduce split ends. The result will be more manageable, protected and shiny hair.

Give it some texture: these winter waves will make your hair look fun and healthy. To achieve this effect, without using curling irons, use Lumina texturizing spray which will give your hair beachy waves without taking away the movement. In addition, it has UV protection that will prevent damage to your hair under the effect of ultraviolet rays.

Natura Lumina recognizes in each woman and in each hair the power of a unique beauty and gives each hair what it really needs: true regeneration. To learn more about the products in the Lumina range, enter here.

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