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Follow these tips to take care of your hair during the summer

During the summer months, our hair and scalp face the sunlightwith salt sea ​​waterto swimming pool chlorine, etc. All of this “aggression” can cause them to deteriorate rapidly, resulting in dryness, brittleness and a much duller, lifeless appearance. They might even bring about his downfall. For this reason, Dr. Carlos Portinha, clinical medical coordinator of the Insparya Group, shared five tips for us to lessen the terrible effects of summer for our hair:

Summer heat can be deadly for our hair. And you have to know how to protect it | Source: Freepik PHOTO: FREEPIK

1. Always keep him hydrated

With the arrival of the sun and good weather, we are worried to the fullest protect every inch of our skin. However, while our face and body are protected, we completely forget to give it the same attention to our hair. Therefore, it is more than advisable to get a specific sunscreen for our hair. These sunscreens can be found in spray, mist or oil form. And they are specially designed to protects, not only against ultraviolet rays, but also against chlorine and salt.


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