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Four reference centers in Navarre and allies of well-being


Do you know that shoes are the basis of our body? And that wearing good shoes is a source of well-being? In the center of Pamplona, ​​Calle Zapatería 45, is Ibili, the establishment of comfortable and healthy shoes for your feet. A store of experience and knowledge, since 1985 it has been manufacturing insoles for foot problems. For more than 18 years, she has been selling physiological shoes, specializing in healthy and comfortable shoes. It has large sizes for men, up to number 50, and for women up to number 43.

It also offers a wide variety of products: wide, shock-absorbing insoles, elastic skins for feet with bunions or hammer toes, shoes and sandals for spurs, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, preparations for fitting custom insoles, as well as only eco-friendly, vegan and comfortable slippers for the home.

It also has the best shoes for walking and rested feet, as well as anatomical shoes for work. These shoes are approved by such prestigious institutes as the German AGR, and with European and American medical approvals. In the offer, shoes for the relief of back, knee and foot pain cannot be missing. More information at Calle Zapatería 45 in Pamplona, ​​​​on the phone 948210685; Whatsapp 948210685, email: [email protected] and on the web


If you want to be dazzling and show your best face, in the advanced beauty center VIP STUDIO By Vanessa López They will help you achieve this with modern techniques and brilliant facial results. They work with eyebrow, eye and lip micropigmentation, laser tattoo removal, as well as facial treatments with devices that act on the dermis and epidermis of the skin to rejuvenate it. “We offer the maximum in customer service with quality workmanship and first-class products”, emphasizes Vanessa López. “My strength is doing the eyebrows, making a design according to each face, obtaining for our clients a more open, dazzling and intense gaze. They come with a sad look and droopy eyelids. Using the technique of microblading, the look changes completely,” he says. Thanks to the technique of micropigmentation, for example the lips and their asymmetries are corrected. “We give design to the edge of the lip and color to the mucous membrane. A beautiful, natural color is achieved and it’s a way for you to always wake up refreshed and makeup-free without resorting to traditional makeup,” she points out. On the eye side, they bet on classic eyeliner, shaded eyeliner or between the eyelashes. Plus, now that fall has arrived, by running this Diario de Navarra ad, you’ll get a 10% discount on micropigmentation services.


If you want to regain your self-esteem due to total or partial hair loss, the hairdresser Sergio Salinas, in the street Painter Crispín de Pamplona, ​​at number 4 This is the solution to your hair problems. With 17 years of experience, it is the only company in Navarre that manufactures custom-made wigs designed especially for cancer patients but also for the loss of hair density that occurs over the years. “For this loss of density, we have what we call Volume Tips, hair-by-hair grids that we also manufacture according to the customer and which are placed at the top hooked with clips that can be removed and put in place.” Sergio Salinas has the patent in Spain.

At Pintor Crispín, they have had the teething center, where they take the measurements, work on the color, make the molds… and also at the hairdresser, where they paint, wash, cut the wigs. And where they also do normal salon services. Salinas has over 16 years experience in hairstyling and over ten years in wigs. At the moment, what they are working on the most are the hair recovery treatments. “It’s a nanotechnology laser that recovers the hair bulb that you had 2 or 3 years ago. The treatment lasts 14 weeks “but the results are incredible”. A good solution for loss of hair density due to age, coronavirus or cancer. “Hair comes out strong, bypassing the fuzz phase, as if nothing had happened.” Salinas is clear about what he loves most about his job: “You help a lot of people. The grimace they make when they see themselves again with hair in the mirror, the security with which they leave the hairdresser. It’s the best of all.”


With 4 centers in Navarre (Pamplona, ​​​​Barañáin, Estella and Peralta), Óptica Navarra is a benchmark in visual health in Navarre. Since 1963, they put all their knowledge to improve the quality of people. They have state-of-the-art instruments and the most innovative techniques and treatments. They also offer exclusive eyewear and contact lens products. “The key to the success of Óptica Navarra is to sell a good product and service, to monitor and take care of customer relationships over the years”, emphasizes Iñaki Úcar, director.

According to the latest studies, by 2050, half of the population will be myopic. Úcar emphasizes the importance of slowing down its effects from childhood. “It is very important to carry out exhaustive check-ups from an early age to try to prevent this myopia from going any further”, it is said. In Óptica Navarra they have solutions, such as contact lenses and ophthalmic lenses that stop it. “After the revisions, we offer concrete measures for parents to prevent this myopia from going any further. It is a great progress that the child’s myopia stagnates as the child grows. High myopia can lead to pathological problems in the future. Anything we can overcome and curb is positive,” he explains.

“There are children who have learning problems and many parents are afraid because they think they have some kind of impairment and other problems. It’s just a visual problem that can be corrected Simply, with a visual exam and correction, or even vision therapy, that child can be more focused and that problem paying attention when reading or looking at the board is solved.Sometimes simple solutions solve big problems.


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