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Guarín has completely said goodbye to professional football dedicating himself, in this case, to his businesses such as a jewelry store located in Ciénaga de Oro, Córdoba, a horse farm and other real estate matters.

His latest business, inaugurated a few months ago, is a luxurious cafe-bar style hair salon located in Parque Lleras, in Poblado de Medellín. There, customers have the privilege of consulting the services and values ​​offered by the establishment through the web portal called ‘Club de Caballeros’.

“One day I thought about it, one day I dreamed about it, one day I realized it. never stop dreaming. God bless you, ”said Fredy Guarín at the opening of his hairdressing salon

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Gentlemen wishing to go there will not only find haircut services, but there is a variety of desserts, meals, cocktails and drinks.

How much is a cup worth?

On the web portal called “Club de Caballeros”, users can find prices between 40,000 and 170,000 pesos, depending on the beard cut or grooming they want to have. You can also see all the information, services, meals and other topics you want to see about Guarín’s new business on the official Instagram account of his hair salon @clubdecaballeros.

Hair salon

Likewise, these packages are offered:

1. Club Cut ($170.00): haircut, massage, beard with hot towel, hot and cold vaporozone, beard and hair care products, facial massage, blackhead mask, collagen mask, drink of preference, whiskey or gentlemen’s cocktail.

2. Cut and Beard ($90,000): haircut, styling, hot and cold steam ozone beard, beard care products, face massage and drink of preference.

3. Club Beard ($60,000): hot towel, hot and cold vaporozone, beard care products, facial massage and drink of preference.

4. Cleansing Face ($60,000): Hot and cold vaporozone, facial massage, blackhead mask, collagen mask and drink of choice.
Traditional Haircut ($50,000): Haircut, styling, shampoo, facial massage and drink of choice.

Traditional Beard ($40,000): hot and cold vaporozone, drink of preference.

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The restaurant menu


They will come across starters such as beef carpaccio, octopus, vegetarian dishes; cheese sticks; Meatballs; gentlemen’s club sandwich, roast beef, among others.

Main dishes

Burgers like the gentlemen’s club (house special) and vegan; meats such as entree, churrasco, sirloin; fish such as salmon, among other dishes.


The ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ offers the house dessert which is a waffle or brownie base drenched in compote and vanilla ice cream with edible flowers.

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bar menu

Some cocktails like the Gentlemen’s Club: Glenfiddich 12-year-old whiskey, orange liqueur, ginger candies and fresh lemon juice.

Speakeasy: marinier jerry rum, simple syrup, tahiti lemon wedges, fresh mint, spearmint leaves, cold infusion and soda.

Beautiful: reposado tequila, fresh lemon juice, orange liqueur, sparkling rosé wine, rose fragrance and edible roses.

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