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From gel to serum, grafting and microblading: the best eyebrow treatments

Arched in the 50s, wild in the 80s, skinny in the 90s… Just like makeup or hair, eyebrows have enormous transformative power on the face, its appearance therefore evolves over the years, in line with trends. After the turn of the millennium, minimalism spread in this area, which gave way in the last decade to a fever of restocking: an inevitable reaction to the heavy use of tweezers. But if there’s one modern factor that impacts aesthetics enough, it’s the health crisis, with its masks and its long confinements, which gave the eyebrows an attention reserved until now for the eyelashes. So we went from makeup to submission to eyebrow treatments.

According to the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa), makeup consumption “fluctuates with level of social activity, so after lockdown and mobility restrictions, it has been one of the most impacted”. This has led to an improvement in the care and appearance of eyebrows, under the spotlight of the cosmetics industry for its impact on a face with little makeup.

better than makeup

The novelties in this area include serums that improve its growth and density, pencils and waxes that incorporate advanced technology, palettes similar to those of eye shadows or styling gels. “Making them up has become one of the main focuses of the makeup routine, and taking care of them has become as important as taking care of our skin”says Giner Muñoz, National Beauty and Eyebrow Authority of Profit.

According to him, “the eyebrows are the doors of the face, they frame the gaze. Over the years, we’ve come to realize that well-groomed brows go with everything. see or make-up style; and now with the orient oneself without makeupa defined eyebrow is essential”. The expert recalls that when Benefit eyebrow bars arrived in Spain in 2015, their customers demanded a neat and “clean” finish, “that would reflect a change when they returned home. But since the eyebrows took the front of the scene, their requests turned to a custom-made eyebrow, adapted to their face”, he specifies.

In short, “the eyebrows are sought after denser, with more volume and thickness; hence our need to offer specific services”, adds Giner Muñoz, since these finishes are usually not achieved with an eyebrow pencil. Until now, “you could say that eyebrow makeup was what made the most difference on the face; but more and more specific services are created for them,” adds the spokesperson for Benefit.

eyebrow laminate

Thus, the company has integrated an eyebrow lamination service to straighten each hair. Benefit did not design the treatment, but spent two years of research perfecting it. “It brings a volume remarkable, offering greater flexibility to the client during the combing and makeup of her eyebrows in the following six to eight weeks”, explains Giner Muñoz.

Styling and waxing of eyebrows

However, the most in-demand eyebrow treatments in Spain today are still eyebrow shaping and waxing, reveals Erica Mello, coordinator of MyLittleMomó. “The factions are studied to find the most suitable form, which is conferred through hair removal with tweezers or string. The effect is personalized and rejuvenating”.

Microblading and microshading

On the contrary, it is sometimes necessary repopulate the eyebrows to get the desired shape. Although eyebrow pencils have been used before (and before, eye pencils), the arrival of the microblading He marked a before and after in this sense. We are talking about “a semi-permanent technique that gives a thicker and more defined appearance to the eyebrows”, explains Sabrina Tinezzova, Beldon Beauty specialist in this technique. “Very fine strokes are made on the skin, depositing the pigments in a way that simulates the hairs of the eyebrow, which allows to fill it, to obtain a very natural look. The operation takes place under topical anesthesia to avoid pain,” explains the beautician.


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