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Greeicy Rendón confessed on his social networks that his hair was falling out

Greeicy Rendón would lose her hair as a result of postpartum. Instagram: @greeicy

Greeicy Rendón has been admired in recent days as a role model for mothers and for those looking for motivation when they can’t multitask. Her beauty already gives a lot to say but her overwhelming personality has captured the hearts of people who remain aware of her life.

Caleña has no scruples and knows how to show it. Because before having little Kai, she offered as a reflection to her followers that we can be beautiful, continue to work and share with the family during pregnancy. Now, in the postpartum phase, she comes with new learnings and insights so that those who wish to acquire them can apply them to their own lives.

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There were days when he encountered new experiences. The arrival of her son gave way to a change of routine as the singer realized the effects of being a mother. In recent statements through his Instagram stories, account in which he has 21.3 million followers, lets see, as she was sitting in a chair and where it looks like the stylist Malejo Cangrejo had finished her makeup, that her hair is falling outproduct of its gestation process.

“No, you don’t see much. My hair is falling out naturally due to postpartum. But nothing, we’re fine.” Rendon commented while addressing the stylist and her fans via her phone’s front-facing camera.

Greeicy notices her postpartum hair loss with her stylist, Malejo Cangrejo. Instagram: @greeicy / @famososhastalaz

Hormones testified to the whole process of change the singer is going through right now. Due to pregnancy, the skin undergoes variations that help, in this case, that Kai can grow in the womb of his mother. As a result of these alterations, disorders such as hair loss are generated, as happened to Greeicy.

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The above information is studied by medical specialists. Experts say that the phenomenon of alopecia is usual after conceiving the creature. They also comment that there is no certain time to know how many days the hair loss will start to stop and it is considered that it may be within the first few months after having the baby, according to the service of Dermatology and the Reina Sofía Pediatric Dermatology Unit. Cordoba Hospital.

It is necessary to specify that although it is a unique and natural transformation of the woman’s body and that the healing takes place on its own, it is essential to consult a professional.

Mike Bahía shows all his love to Greeicy Rendón during the postpartum period.  Photo: Instagram @greeicy
Mike Bahía shows all his love to Greeicy Rendón during the postpartum period. Photo: Instagram @greeicy

Mike Bahía, the urban music singer and also Greeicy’s partner, accompanies her in the experiences they have to face with their son Kai. So far, the duo have shown that they can combine their work as parents, show off an incredible figure and not think for a second of stopping their artistic projects. It is clear that they are one of the most commented and praised families, especially in Colombia, for having so many qualities that many Internet users have decided to add to their lives, as a form of inspiration and perseverance.


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