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“Hair break”? why it’s so viral among young people on Tik Tok and it should not be said

Internet users enter the platform ICT Tac and suddenly in his For your page (FYP) videos appear on “break hair” and what a blessing it is not to have it, but what does it mean? And why is it viral?

To say that someone has hair on a break is a pejorative way refer to people with damaged, dry hair or oily scalpwhich refers to she doesn’t bathe, she’s dirty and that is why the mane is stiff.

That is, her hair doesn’t look neat, with healthy appearance and aesthetic. This may apply for straight, colored and curly hair whatever the cut or hairstyle.

Curiously, this term, which might seem innocuous and funny, is used as an insult towards women, which can cause damage to self-esteem and complexes.

@patriciacnb what is break hair? hair break is an expression that refers to people whose hair does not look well cared for or whose appearance is not that typical imposed by stereotypes of beauty, with characteristics such as silky, voluminous and brilliant. It is vital that the use of this type of expression is avoided at all costs, as it is a label that only generates more insecurities, which is risky for a person’s mental stability since from this way the risk of developing serious illnesses such as depression, anxiety or even body dysmorphia, which is a disorder in which the person affected cannot distinguish reality from their physical appearance, only highlighting the negative. . #haircare #hair #beauty #skincare #hairstyle #hairstyles #hairgoals #haircut #haircolor #healthyhair #naturalhair #hairstylist #hairgrowth #hairdresser #makeup #shampoo #hairsalon #longhair #hairtreatment #curlyhair #natural #hairtransformation #hairlove #haircareproducts #salon #instahair #balayage #hairproducts #fashion #haircareroutine ♬ original sound – PATRICIA NÚÑEZ

Many people upload videos to the platform to ridicule others for their hair, while showing off their healthy hair. This caused a conversation between users, where many express their agreement with this position.

There are other content creators who offer solutions for waxing on pause, some ironically and others with more “professional” tricks. However, the use of this slang may cause depression, anxiety, serious issues with self-esteem, confidence and until body dysmorphia due to the pressure due to its capillary aspect, and therefore physical.

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If your hair is a little complex or you just want to take extra care of it, hairdressing experts recommend performing a detox in the mane

Hair can “feel” damaged and exhausted by the lifestyle, environmental pollution and stress. It’s important to point out that it’s not your fault, it’s just external agents overwhelming it and you need to give it extra care (depending on your hair type, that’s what you need).

@ashlynpimentell ♬ original sound – ⠀🧃

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It is generally recommended to perform a detox from time to time so that the hair recovers shine, strength and volume. You can do this at home to purify it from waste, dead cells, hair oil, sweat and pollution.

What benefits does it bring you? moisturizing, prevents hair loss, stops excess oil production, improves fiber quality and drynessas good as improve your appearance.

You can use natural masks with ingredients such as egg, mayonnaise, olive oil, avocado, aloe vera. Of course, making sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient.

You can also opt for specialized hair products that do not contain sulfates, parabens and saltWhat shampoos, masks, intensive care for chemical or natural damage.

@its__mont My advice? Look for shampoos that don’t contain parabens and preferably no sulfates, opt for baby or whim shampoos 🙂 and trim damaged ends at least every month (only millimeters or cm) #its__mont #fypシ #fypage #GenshinImpact32 #cegr #crzgf#fyp #cabelloenpausa ♬ original sound – 🪤🛖🪕

And you, have you ever heard this term? Let us know your opinion in comments.


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