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Hair care boom: avant-garde treatments

Many times, no matter how well we take care of our hair, we don’t get the desired results. In addition to showing beautiful and healthy hair, having strong hair and above all, preventing hair loss, are undoubtedly the most sought-after effects.

Caring for and strengthening the hair is not just a women’s affair, more and more men are concerned about their image and therefore their hair. But hair density, strength and health sometimes cannot be achieved with cosmetics alone. For it, there are treatments to prevent and reverse hair loss that provide Neuquen Hair Recovery, located at Alberdi 250, 4th floor, office 1; that adapt to the needs and characteristics of each patient.

In this sense, the Lic. Vanina Bessone, Hair Recovery Surgical Instrument Neuquén, Explain why Hair loss is often caused by the chemicals that exist in dyes and we put them on the hair. Consequently, the hair loses its shine and volume, making it more fragile.

There are three levels of hair care. the first level It is made up of products such as shampoos and ampoules In a second, two stand out Exclusive hair recovery techniques: Plasma Hair with Platelet Rich Plasma and Nutrifol which involves follicular nutrition. And the third step is hair transplantation.

platelet-rich plasma “It is a simple, outpatient procedure in which a hematologist is responsible for extracting the blood and then injecting the plasma into the scalp which it stops hair loss and improves all hair conditions”said Bessonne.

To avoid excessive falls, You have to prepare and take good care of your hair, and anti-hair loss treatments are one of the best allies to achieve this. This confirms it Lucas Páez, director of Hair Recovery Neuquén, where They have prevention and maintenance treatments that are carried out with dermo cosmetics.

Lic Vanina Bessone shows hair care.

In this sense, Páez indicates that advice and consultations are free by the team of professionals They provide each treatment according to the needs of each patient. and adds that for people who do not live in Neuquén Capital and who do not have the possibility of contacting an agency, “They offer a 20-minute virtual consultation which is done with a professional who assesses them by video call or by sending images.”

Today Hair Recovery shows a trajectory that speaks: more than 60,000 transplant patients and more than 600,000 people treated testify to the exponential growth of the brand in the world.

License Vanina Bessone with manager Lucas Páez at Hair Recovery Neuquén.

The growth achieved over the years is not just for the company. Dr. Nicolás Lusicic, director and founder of Hair Recovery, is positioned as a leader in the field worldwide. Currently, he holds the position of Vice President of the Ibero-American Society of Hair Transplantation (SILATC) and Director of the Baldness Chapter of the Argentine Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (SACPER).

Moreover, Luisic was present at the Iberoamerican Hair Transplant Congresswhich was held in Panama on October 24 and 25, where he gave a talk and performed four live surgeries as a demonstration for his international colleagues. Together with Dr. Susacasa and our team of assistants, we were invited to demonstrate how they perform hair transplants and the secrets to achieve so much density and naturalness in just one session”.

Dr. Nicolás Lusicic, at the Ibero-American Hair Transplant Congress.


The word “baldness” could be considered one of the most dreaded in the male universe, a kind of threat that awaits all men on the planet, a situation difficult to escape, which usually causes some panic and uncertainty. There are those who have this destiny assured due to a genetic disease, in other cases it can happen momentarily due to emotional trauma or stress.

For all the superstitious, The root of this problem is hidden in the hair roots, an area that cannot be seen with the naked eye and that is why it is so difficult to take care of it. Coping with hair loss is not an easy process, it usually causes anguish and leads to collateral difficulties related to self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, the solution exists, it is sustainable and comes from the hand of Hair Recovery. In this sense, Vanina Bessone makes a parenthesis to detail that transplants remain more popular among men than in women and points out that in Hair Recovery they perform hair transplants one of their “star treatments”. The same It consists of removing the hair from the roots of the back and sides of the head to place it in the center and it is hair that will remain for a lifetime. “The process is outpatient, does not require hospitalization and is extremely effective. It works under local anesthesia and is not invasive at all,” remarks the specialist.


Microdermopigmentation is the implantation of 100% biocompatible organic pigments at the superficial level of the skin, in an artisanal and individualized way according to medical criteria. It’s used for pigments, shades and camouflages various parts of the scalp, to cover scars or fill in depopulated areas.

The treatment consists of application of permanent pigments, which last from 3 to 4 years or semi-permanent from 1 to 2 yearsexplains Vanina Bessone. This is usually done in two two-hour sessions and with the use of a special European machine. It does not produce pain and it is not necessary to apply local anesthesiaadds the specialist.

Micro Dermopigmentation arrives in Neuquén

Moreover, Bessone explains that It can be applied in “scars on the scalp, decrease in density on the scalp, alopecia totalis or alopecia areata”. this treatment the hair micrograft can be completed, to produce a greater sensation of volume and it is also very useful for totally bald people who want to convey the image of being shaved despite their hair.

The main difference between micro dermopigmentation and tattooing is that in the first procedure pigments of organic origin are used and deposited on the surface of the skin. POn the other hand, Hair Recovery considers it a medical technique and, as such, the practice with specialized professionals and under the maximum biosafety conditions.


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