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Hair: how to regrow it in just 10 tips

This article on how to regrow your hair the hair was originally published in Indian edition of GQ.

A major challenge for aging men is coping with physical changes. The metabolism changes, the skin is not as elastic as before and one in two men over 40 he must deal with the baldness. With a 50% chance, it might look like a game of chance; You suffer or you do not suffer. But if you do, don’t think it’s a lost cause: there are plenty of ways to rectify (and even partially reverse) the decline that has already begun. Whether it’s good nutrition, supplements, or simple home remedies that can come out of your kitchen, you can turn your hair loss into a welcome party in no time.

10 tips to regrow your hair

1. Eat a high-protein diet

Protein is one of the crucial foods for hair growth for one simple reason; hair follicles are composed mostly of protein. If your hair is falling out a lot, one of the reasons may be that your diet is lacking in protein. Lean meats, eggs, and fatty fish like salmon, herring, and mackerel are great foods to incorporate.

2. Take the right vitamins

If there’s one thing you learn from working on good nutrition over the years, it’s that a good vitamin intake is always beneficial. Vitamin A is essential for proper levels of scalp sebum (the oil it naturally produces), Vitamin B maintains healthy hair color and Vitamin E promotes circulation. blood that helps your follicles stay active.

3. Try treatments with natural vegetable juices

Sometimes a home remedy can be the best. You can, of course, find the right supplements (and take them after consulting a doctor) or try store-bought products. But at other times, the magic ingredients are already in your refrigerator. Rub garlic, ginger or onion juice deeply into the scalp, leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning. Do it for a week or two and you may already start to notice the difference.

4. Get regular scalp massages

In addition to generating a wonderful sensation, the massage from scalp They increase hair thickness by stretching hair follicle cells. There are also theories as to how these massages, applied regularly, can facilitate the dilation of blood vessels directly under the skin, which also promotes hair growth. These are all benefits.

5. Consult your doctor about finasteride

If you want to try prescription drugs that involve little or no work, talk to your doctor about finasteride. What this product essentially does is block the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which causes hair loss in men by converting testosterone into a different hormone, thereby reducing it. Finasteride increases testosterone levels in the body and in turn hair growth.

6. Treat your hair as little as possible

To explain it as clearly as possible, the fewer treatments you apply to your hair, the more it will grow. Processes such as straightening, ironing or coloring can take their toll. The more heat and chemicals you expose your hair to, the more it will fall out.

7. Include biotin in your diet

The biotin (or vitamin B7) It facilitates the production of keratin in the hair and can increase the growth rate of follicles. Although there is no definitive evidence that biotin reduces hair loss, it has been found to promote hair growth. Therefore, even if he is not able to repair this progress, he can help you to prevent it from going further. Biotin is found in eggs, nuts, onions, sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

8. Avoid edgy hairstyles

Do you wear a bun, ponytail or similar hairstyles? Maybe you should change your style. Holding your hair tight can cause traction alopecia, which is pulling at it repeatedly. It can be reversed, yes, but we recommend letting your hair down as soon as possible.

9. Look for shampoos containing these ingredients

Although there are many chemicals that can be harmful to your hair, there are other ingredients that can treat it with special care. Look for products (serums, shampoos, conditioners, repair masks) that contain certain ingredients: fruit and seed oils (jojoba, coconut, olive, argan tree), proteins, essentials (rosemary, peppermint), aloe vera, caffeine and keratin are the best.

10. Make sure you get enough sleep

You may have heard that sleep is the cure for all ills, and that’s not crazy. When you sleep, your growth hormones help speed up cell reproduction and in turn can promote healthy hair growth. The ideal is to sleep between seven and nine hours a night, never less than four or five.


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