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Hair Loss Pills: Myths, Facts, and Everything You Need to Know

There is no self-respecting autumn without the blind belief in seasonal hair loss, a danger for the health of our hair It almost became an obsession. However, we know that if the hair falls more in autumn, it is not because it is a typical fall of the season, but because during these months coincide changes in our body that end up affecting the hair. The most common are the stress associated with returning to work after the summer holidays, but also changes in temperature and diet, to give just a few examples.

hair loss or hair loss?

There are dozens of types of alopecia (hair loss) that must be differentiated from hair loss, as it is a natural process that is part of the life cycle of hair. We are animals and we must lose about 100 hairs on average per day. That, having long black hair, shows a lot. And if you comb your hair in the morning and you find a strand of hair on the hairbrush, it does not mean that you suffer from alopecia at that time, ”explains Dr. Ana Molina, specialist in dermatology, trichology and aesthetic. If the amount was greater than 250 hairs, if one could speak of loss capillaries and additional measures could be adopted to compensate.

what to do if excessive hair falls out

To differentiate whether it is hair loss or hair loss, it is best to consult an expert. In addition to confirming what our hair problem is, he can discover the causes. “In most cases, patients who consult for alopecia who come to the trichology consultation (specific consultation on hair problems), often come because they think they have alopecia and no They have a pathology as such. Their hair does not fall more than necessary, they notice it more”, comments the expert author of Healthy skin, beautiful skin (Paying). To dispel doubts, experts tend to analyze the situation with the data provided by the patient and a analysis clinic that determines if there are any vitamin deficiencies that may be causing excessive hair loss.

fall due to stress or telogen effluvium

There is hair loss that is identified as acute telogen effluvium, which is stress-induced hair loss. “Whether because of stress physical or emotional, because there are people who feel this when they follow a hyper restrictive diet or because they suffer from emotional stress after a disappointment, a duel, they can develop what is called telogen effluvium, it i.e. a fall due to stress. For a few months, the hair has been falling out more. But this reduction in stress is generally revealed heals spontaneouslyexplains the expert on the way to find out when anti-hair loss pills are prescribed and if they really work.

Anti-hair loss pills, do they work?

In pharmacies there are a lot of cosmetics of each time they are more accepted by the public and more popular in their effects. When we consult the doctor, she does not hesitate to certify us efficiencybut not in all cases, we already know that there are many types of alopecia and not all of them have their origin in a nutritional deficiency, that is when this type of cosmetics is effective. “When there really is a nutritional deficiency Specifically, anti-hair loss pills with proteins and vitamins for hair work, what happens is that these are the most isolated cases. Most often, it’s that people take these pills without really having done a preliminary analysis to see if they really have a nutritional deficiency”.

when and how to take hair loss pills

To be clear about a situation of nutritional deficiency, the expert gives us the example of a young woman with heavy periods who does not consume iron-rich foods and suffers from iron deficiency anemia, which leads to hair loss. due to iron deficiency. Or, as Ana Molina says, you feel thinner hair and a mane with less body because the nutritional deficiency is not only expressed with a heavy fall. It is in these cases that experts prescribe this type of anti-hair loss treatment, to compensate for the nutritional deficiency at the origin of hair loss. In these cases, the guideline is very simple to follow, one tablet a day for the vitamins, after several weeks, to take effect in covering these deficiencies.

The placebo effect and non-prescription

As these are supplements that provide a set of vitamins beneficial (a priori) for our body, we realize that we must use them without a prescription, because it is not mandatory, it is not necessary. And when we believe that it has an effect on us, we are really only savoring the placebo effect of someone who has a solution to their problem, even if it is perhaps the least suitable. “These supplements include biotin, for example, and other substances that have been shown to interfere with blood tests, that is, it can alter thyroid hormones or even troponin, a marker of myocardial infarction. Therefore, it is not only better to take these nourishing cosmetics under medical prescription, but it is also necessary notify our doctor bedside that we take them, especially if we are going to do an analysis to take them into account”, recommends the expert.

It is in these cases that it is interesting to carry out an analysis to take into account the opportunity costbecause we will often buy a product believing that it is the solution to our problems, diverting this expense from a medical consultation where, in complete safety, they will give us a diagnosis of what is really happening to us.

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