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In los últimos años el cuidado del cabello ha tomado demasiada importancia para las mujeres y con ello diferentes técnicas se han vuelto famosas por los beneficios que traen consigo, hoy vamos a hablar de tres de ellos, sus diferencias y quien puede ser candidatea a cada uno of them. With the help of an expert who will clarify our doubts.

Hair restructuring. It is one of the most beneficial hair treatments. It is a very powerful vitamin shot which hydrates hair from root to tip, as it provides protein that hair loses with the excessive use of heat from irons, hair dryers, tongs, etc. You can do this treatment once Every 3 monthsIt depends on how often you use heated appliances or how dehydrated your hair is, as some need it once a month. It should be noted that the assessment must be made by an expert in the matter and what will be taken into account is the type of shampoo you use, the frequency with which you cut your hair, whether or not you have any processes discoloration and how often you use shampoo, iron or tweezers

Hair Botox. It is a treatment that rejuvenates weakened and brittle hair, restoring its natural shine, to which has a smoothing effectbut it is less aggressive than a straightener (its consistency is lighter), it is recommended for rebellious hair, those which tangle easily and without orientation (which do not settle on any side).

Permanent smoothing. It is a good choice if you want to change your hair. This treatment eliminates frizz, frizz, intensely repairs, fills the hair fiber with protein, nourishes and restores the natural color, leaves it super shiny, has a protective effect since each fiber is filled with protein, which acts as a shield against environmental damage. It has many benefits, for example if your hair has a bleaching effect (highlights, balayage highlights, etc.), bleach completely washes out nutrients of this, leaving each hair fiber dry and empty, because this treatment will return these nutrients and fill each fiber in an artificial way, thus making it beautiful and full of life. Restore elasticity, repair damage from commercial products, chemicals and excess styling equipment.

The end result of the three treatments mentioned is very similar as they eliminate frizz, add shine and create a smoothing effect. So let’s understand that the difference between botox and permanent smoothing is that botox is a restorative treatment deep for the hair fibres, no matter how badly you have damaged them, straightening is not recommended for extremely damaged hair due to discoloration and as the name suggests it is a treatment that will leave your hair smooth when you apply it.

The care you must have after applying any of these treatments is not that complicated, if we want it to really work for us, we must follow the expert’s instructions, which are: the use of an adequate shampoo, the necessary amount of product, special comb creams for your hair because commercial products are generally very harmful.

And remember that we are not qualified to determine the health of your hair before performing any treatment, you must consult a professional.
I deeply thank our trained professional Alejandra Herrera for her guidance in being able to write this note.

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