Have thoughts about jobs and opportunity in Native communities? Wisconsin Watch and Indian Country Today want to hear from you.

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What do you consider to be the profession of the future? What is your dream job? Are you satisfied with your quality of life?

As part of a collaboration hosted by Indian Country Today, Wisconsin Watch reports on economic issues in tribal communities, and we want to hear from you.

Please use this form to share details about what’s happening in your community. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes and we won’t share any personal information without your consent. We are especially interested in hearing from Registered Tribal Citizens, People of Native Descent, or others who live and work among Native American Nations and Tribal Communities in Wisconsin.

The project, funded by grants from the Walton Family Foundation, is part of a collaboration with the Institute for Nonprofit News and nine other news outlets to examine the state of the economy in rural tribal communities.

Other collaborating media outlets include: Buffalo’s Fire, Investigate West, New Mexico In Depth, KOSU, Mvskoke Media, Osage News, Rawhide Press, Underscore.

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