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Holistic beauty: the anti-aging secret to being beautiful and healthy

Self-care no longer just translates to flawless skin, shiny hair and a slim body,
holistic beauty. This concept of beauty, inspired by the “mens sana in corpore Sano” philosophy, emphasizes
be healthy and feel good about yourselfNot just outside. “If we feel bad emotionally, it shows on our face. Beauty is more than what the mirror reflects, it is the search for a
general well-being which brings great benefits to our state of mind and, therefore, to the appearance and health of our skin and body,” says beautician Carmen Navarro.

Dr. Celia Gonzalo, specialist in anti-aging medicine at Neolife, confirms: “In today’s society, physical appearance is of great importance. Through it, we express different things: health, self-care, discipline, requirement, self-control, etc. There are people who resort to cosmetic surgery, but the best strategies to heal this facade also work from within,” he says. If you share this vision, put it into practice
these wellness guidelines.

1. Get rid of stress

Anxiety is one of the factors that damage the skin the mostas Dr. Vicente Mera, medical lead of the Healthy Aging and Genomic Medicine Unit at the SHA Wellness Clinic, pointed out: “We know that stress management is essential to reduce various processes involved in cellular aging, such as oxidation.”

2. Cuddling session

The cosmetics industry is betting more and more on products that take into account
the sensoriality of texture and fragrance, not just the wording. And it is that taking care of oneself is understood today as a gesture associated with a moment of pleasure. Spa at home with a soothing salt bath, then take your time to properly hydrate your skin.

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3. Complete calm

aromatherapy has been using plants and their essential oils since time immemorial. One of the most powerful scents is that of lavender, with calming properties on the nervous system. If you can’t get to the fields of Brihuega, Guadalajara, use encapsulated lavender.

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4. In good shape

You have to create the habit of
exercise every day, and if he can be in contact with nature, the better. “Moderate sport is healthy and not excessively active, causing some fatigue, which helps to relax if practiced at least two hours before going to bed. In addition, the release of endorphins helps reduce negative feelings and anxiety,” says Delia García, psychologist at BluaU de Sanitas.

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5. A few drops of positivity

The sense of smell is the most primitive of all, according to perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi. how to choose
a perfume that makes us feel good? “Emotion is the best way to choose it, because perfume appeals to the olfactory memory, either by reviving a memory or by creating new positive sensations.”

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6. Skin problem

Being constant in skin care and preventing conditions that can alter the skin barrier is the guarantee of displaying luminous and elastic skin. Choose products formulated with high technology, comfortable and guaranteeing optimal results.

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