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How to choose the type of bangs that suits us best?

The thicker bangs, which cover the entire forehead, work well for triangular shaped faces. (Mario Nagler/by

If you want to show yourself A new look, a fringe hairstyle is usually a good idea. Because it’s a versatile fit which can highlight your face shape.

Must be a see relaxed, with her hair falling over her forehead, or rather the short and straight cut? In fact, there are almost no limits to creativity when it comes to hairstyles with bangs.

Two specialists provide below advice on what type of cut is suitable best to your face shape and what kind of bangs are trending this year.

According to the German hairdressing expert Jens Dagne, one of the tendencies in fringe could be the “bottleneck”, propelled to stardom by Brigitte Bardot in 1979: the bottle neck fringe -and without transition to long hair- extends to the outer part of the cheekbones at most.

Dagné explains that this cup is the evolution of the “curtain blow”That is curtain fringewhich were fashionable last year and which, unlike the “bottleneck”extend and mingle with the long hairs on the sides.

Bottleneck bangs are versatile, flexible and fit almost all face shapesemphasizes Dagne. Even after weeks, the cut is holding. As it grows, it gradually takes on the appearance of a curtain fringe.

The hairdresser Rene Krombholz, For his part, he recommends remembering that the hairstyles that are in fashion should only be be considered as a mere proposition. This man has been working as a hairdresser in Germany for more than half a century and knows that the type of cut we like and what suits our face is much more important.

So for a rather round and flat faceit doesn’t have to be the bushy bangs or the typical voluminous bangs of Mireille Mathieu.

In this case, a loose and light variation of bangs usually works well. “The heavily layered, wispy side bangs make the face look narrower,” says Krombholz.

For a oval face, Bottleneck bangs or the currently fashionable curtain bangs are perfectly suitable, says master hairstylist Jens Dagné. In this case, volume and fullness are especially indicated in the upper part of the head, so that the face receives expression and character.

The neck area should not be too short, to create a visual counterbalance. The see can be supplemented by wavy hair -natural or permanent- voluminous.

In addition, Krombholz details, in the case of a long face, with bangs, you can soften the shape of the face a little and make it look more rounded. For this, it will always be important to consider the cut as a whole and also to work with the side hairs, which frame the face.

A rather angular face can give a more relaxed feeling with a cut with soft lines, according to Dagné. In this case, the bangs should be asymmetrical. And he advises against rigid and geometric cuts and hairstyles. Straight hair, he warns, highlights the width of the face.

“The straight fringe can bring a little softness to a scarred facesays Dagne. Longer, very layered bangs at the chin are particularly suitable for this.

With a triangular face, thicker, voluminous bangs can hide a wide forehead. Soft waves and wispy styles can also disguise a pointed chin advantageously.

A fringe works every time. At least there is no hair structure that Krombholz advises against. Only in front of gray, white or very damaged hair, he suggests special care. According to the specialist, “this hair tends to be a little more rebellious”.

In case of wavy hair, it is advisable to opt for a “messy” bangs that it blends smoothly with the rest of the hair, says Dagné. At least if you don’t want to straighten your hair all the time.

And, once you have defined your hair and face type, Krombholz encourages you to be daring and calmly experiment with new things.

With information from the DPA

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