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How to naturally prevent premature gray hair

Prevent premature gray hair It is recommended if you do not want to live that moment in life when we realize that our body is changing and the White hair They came to remind us that the passage of time leaves its mark.

It is important to start by stating that have white hair it’s not something negative. In fact, many gray haired men They look great because they give them style, especially when they adopt a haircut that can flatter them, and give a different look, but we also understand that there are people who prefer to avoid White hair appear in your Hair and change your look. Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste and style.

For those who prefer to avoid the growth of White hair in the Hairthere are some preventive natural remedies which are based on a greater production of melanin, since the lack of this pigment in living beings is the cause. It should also be mentioned that these remedies home made seek to reduce the occurrence of White hair so Naturalbut the truth is that over the years some people will just start having White hair and this is difficult to avoid, we rather seek to reduce and control its growth. In addition, there are genetic factors that are difficult to modify, but which can be recognized and therefore if we know that we tend to have White hairthe best we can do is start prevent premature gray hair since young. That is to say, although the White hair they are part of our evolution and we can learn to love them, we can also prevent them with proposals Natural to help your body in its processes of change.

Natural remedies to prevent premature gray hair

Gray hair can bring a lot of style, but there are those who prefer to avoid it

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raw onion processing

A study from the University of Bradford showed that raw onions contain a high sulfur content. This makes its properties useful inverted gray hair and hair loss. For this reason, it is recommended that the juice of an onion be applied to the scalp for four weeks, as an enzyme called catalase will work to reduce hydrogen peroxide, which is what strips the color from the root of our hair. hair. To try it, all you need to do is mix a raw, peeled onion, strain the contents and gently apply it to the scalp or where gray hair is. This should be done for 30 minutes and rinse the hair as you usually do afterwards. You can try the treatment for four weeks and see if you get results in color recovery.

Reduce stress

We know that the White hair they can appear earlier in life if a person is constantly suffering from high levels of stress. so for prevent premature gray hair It is recommended to learn how to control stress through emotion management techniques or with the method that everyone prefers, because stress has many negative effects on the body, among which the growth of gray hair is only the one of the most visible.

henna dye

Clearly one of the solutions that many people choose to cover the White hair It is hair dye, usually a person’s natural color, although there are those who prefer to try temporary dyes to explore color possibilities on their face. However, there is ample evidence that dyeing your hair damages and dries it out, so many people prefer to avoid this option. For this, you can start dyeing your hair with henna, which is a natural, chemical-free option that also nourishes and moisturizes the hair, which can also have a preventive effect.

To apply it, remember that you must proceed wick by wick, applying the prepared henna with hot water. Then you must apply the mixture to dry hair using an ink brush, cover the hair with cling film and let this natural dye act on your scalp for 2 to 4 hours.

rosemary oil

Rosemary oil has benefits that, in addition to naturally covering gray hair, helps balance scalp oil, without altering the pH. Just boil ¼ cup of rosemary and another of sage in water, letting them sit overnight. The next day, apply rosemary water all over the scalp.


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