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How to prepare the hair for spring?

Just as we begin to worry about toning our body by doing more physical activity or eating healthier, our hair also begins to require certain care, which demands the health of its scalp and its level of hydration.

Spring is fast approaching, which means it’s time to repair and refine our hair to recover it from the ravages suffered during the coldest days of the year, mainly due to exposure to low temperatures and excessive use of dryers. and straighteners. We also need to start preparing it for exposure to high temperatures and UV rays, as well as other factors typical of the warmer months.

We all love to show off radiant, soft and shiny hair. Getting it will depend a lot on the daily care you give your hair and the hair products you incorporate into your routine.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, follow these tips and product recommendations that you will find in Maicao:

1. Cut. Spring is the ideal time to cut our hair, since we bring it damaged by a cold winter and where, in addition, we abuse the hair dryer. This is how we prepare it for the summer that will soon arrive, cleaning up the extremities and making it stronger so that it can better withstand the whole season when the sun punishes it the hardest.

2. Use products suitable for your hair type. Each type of hair requires a specific product. Having fine hair is not the same as having thicker and fuller, dry or oily, dyed or natural hair. The key to getting it right is knowing your hair and giving it what it needs. So your hair will stay clean and healthy for longer.

To recover your hair and leave it in optimal condition for the beginning of spring, use the range of products Pantene Pro-V Miracles Collagen nourishes and revitalizes (Shampoo, Conditioner, Final Sealer, Night Treatment, 2x $5,000), which contains a powerful formula of collagen, pro-vitamin B5 and macadamia oil and acts as a protective layer that recovers damaged areas of hair caused by different styling tools. , coloring or chemical processes.

For curly, wavy and frizzy hair, the brand stands out The Curl Company with products to keep hair tidy and give it the care it deserves without distorting its natural shape, providing nutrition, shine, volume and softness (Shampoo, conditioner, mousse, anti-humidity gel, styling cream, cream treatment and hair oil $6,000 each).

If you have colored or highlighted hair, it is advisable to use a repairing shampoo to nourish and protect the hair fiber and to help eliminate unwanted tones that appear in your hair days or weeks after applying the dye. . We recommend the Incipient Mattifying Shampoo and Mask ($9,000 each), which intensify and maintain hair color longer. They contain neither salt nor parabens and their formula is without ammonia.

3. Avoid dryers and irons. Wind drying hair is always good, what happens is that there are times of the year when it’s not an option. As soon as the good weather begins, put the irons and the awl away or reserve them for specific times, as the high temperatures they reach can damage the hair fiber, causing breakage, loss of shine and a worse appearance in general.

4. Protect it from the sun. Even if in spring, especially during the first weeks, the heat and the sun are not as sweltering as in summer, the hair must always be protected from UV and UVB rays. Hair sun creams are ideal for this task. In addition, they help preserve the level of hydration, protect it and take care of it to prevent discoloration, especially in dyed hair.

The ILICIT Cicamist Protective Hair Mist 200ml ($6,000), is ideal for protecting your hair from solar radiation, as it contains a formula based on kerarice and pro vitamin B5 that repairs the internal structure of the fiber and keeps the hair hydrated and conditioned, helping it to look more manageable and shiny. In addition, it eliminates frizz.

5. Include oils in your hair routine. The use of hair oils provides the hair with extra moisture and protection. These create a film around the hair which protects it from the sun, air and heat. Without a doubt, they are a perfect complement to have healthy hair.

The Argan Oil Perfect Oil 115ml by ILICIT ($5,000) adds shine, deeply nourishes hair, controls frizz, and provides discipline, detangling, and heat protection. In addition, it seals the ends and the cuticle.

6. Moisturizing treatment at least once a week. After washing the hair, it is advisable to apply a repairing and nourishing mask all over the hair and leave to act. One of the recommended is Creightons Pro Keratin Mask ($6,000), which strengthens brittle and dull hair, repairs damaged and stressed hair cells, intensely hydrates and strengthens, leaving hair softer and more manageable.

7. Prevent hair loss. One of the big concerns for women when spring arrives is hair loss. In order to keep our scalp in perfect condition, use the range of products Anti-Hair Loss Hair Resq, Shampoo and conditioner ($6,000 each) and complete your treatment with the Hair Growth Stimulating Serum 60ml ($10,000).

Each season requires specific hair care, the weather changes, but so do we. Find the best products for you and choose what you need for your hair in all Maicao physical stores in the country and on


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