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How to style and maintain your hair in summer

Despite all the advantages of a sunny day, the hair in the summer accuses the rising temperatures and hurt more a man’s hair than the milder climates to which we are accustomed. From harmful UV rays to frizz-causing humidity, regular styling products may not serve you as well when temperatures rise up to twenty degrees or more.

For many men, the answer to unmanageable summer hair has simply been choose to shear from June to September. Wearing short or shaved hair does not only seem to be the hairstyle more refreshing possible. Maintenance is relatively weak and will not require careful examination when the hair and scalp are compromised by a sudden heat wave.

That said, shorter hairstyles feel somewhat limited to us. For this reason, we have resorted to the experience of the British hairdresser Betty Linwood it’s up to you to explain some tips for washing, drying and styling your hairand it will make your hair flawless and easy to comb.

What causes hair to frizz when it’s hot and humid?

“Hair becomes frizzy in hot weather due to an overload of moisture, which penetrates the hair strands and binds to the proteins inside,” says Lingwood. “People with curly hair tend to be more at risk of frizzyhence the famous scene of friends in which Monica lands in scorching Barbados.” If you know the episode in question, you’ll be happy to know that adorning your braids with seashells is not the solution Lingwood recommends: “To avoid it, you will need a setting spray or matte clay. These will create a barrier on top of the hair so that moisture cannot penetrate.”

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Should I shorten the summer?

Although, for obvious reasons, summer hair is less likely to make you hot and bother you (there’s a reason hibernating animal fur is so thick), it’s not necessarily the answer to your problems. “If you are one of those who wears a hat or a cap, it may be better to leave it on for a long timeLingwood advises.It’s easier to comb them back and it’s sexier to see the hair sticking out under the hat: think Brad Pitt in the 90s”.

How should men wash their hair during a heat wave?

Since you sweat more during the summer months, you may need to wash your hair daily to maintain basic hygiene. Although not always the ideal solution for those with dry hair, to maintain a healthy scalp it must be washed frequently. “The solution is to rub the roots without rubbing the tips.said Lingwood. “Just let the shampoo lighten the ends when you wash it out.”

How should men dry their hair?

Taking into account that curly hair suffers more from frizz when there is humidity, avoid using the dryer“Unless you’re going to brush and smooth it,” adds Lingwood. “If you are used to it, it can work wellbut it must be recognized that this requires a great effort which many men are not disposed to make. Finish with a setting spray to keep humidity at bay.“.

What is the best styling product to avoid oily hair in summer?

A good start is reduce the use of usual styling productsbecause product is more likely to build up and make hair greasy when sweat is added: “Ideally, use a product that absorbs oil, such as dry shampoo or hair powder, ideally in small containers so you can take it with you”.


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