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INFAILLIBLE makeup tips that are best for brunettes

‘Undertones are included in warm: yellow, gold, peach (orange) or cool: pink, blue, red; olive trees, remember, is a cool or greenish yellow,” says Bortolotti. “Neutrals tend to have an unidentifiable undertone.” The most traditional way to find out what yours is is with the color of the veins, if you notice they are blue or purple you are cold, if they are more green you are hot. and if you can identify both, you are neutral. “This method, in my opinion, helps you to define which general category you are in and exclude those who do not belong to this category,” comments Bortolotti.

The best would be to choose make-up base in broad daylight, since Brown skin, by having more undertone variations, it will be more obvious if the choice was not correct. It is best to test on the chest, as this is usually the most tanned part. This way you will find the shade that blends in perfectly and you will achieve an even finish throughout your to put on makeup.

For make-up artist Jesús Palencia, who went from art student to one of the publishing world’s experts 15 years ago, the best liquid base it depends on specific factors: “For example, if it’s daily use, you need to focus on delivering nutrients to your skin, not clogging your pores, and containing protection; In this case, my favorite is the BB Cream Intensive Snail Repair from Mizon, a Korean brand that, in addition to SPF50+, contains snail extract that helps us regenerate the skin and keep it hydrated for longer,” she says. “For makeup where you need more coverage for the night or a special event, opt for long-wearing matte products, like Estēe Lauder’s Double Wear, which despite its maximum coverage is very comfortable on the skin”.

Powder foundation for dark skin

If you have oily skin and little time in the morning, you’re in luck! Powder foundations can be great allies. Although, as make-up artist Jesús Palencia warns: “You have to be careful with expression lines, because they can stand out more,” he says. He recommends the Mac Studio Fix, for its velvety finish and super even coverage that you can spend hours with without needing to touch up. If you choose a product like this, the makeup artist has a trick: “You can mist your skin with a mist or setting spray to tone down the powdery look of your face and make it last longer,” she says.

What translucent powder should I use if I have brown skin?

The translucent powders they’re the secret weapon of any makeup artist who knows they’re the key to makeup that lasts, looks natural, and fixes any excess product. There are two types: loose powder and compact. For brown skinned womenBortolotti recommends lightly pigmented powders, as colorless ones can make the skin look greyish. “What I pay more attention to is picking the ones that don’t add extra texture, there are even those that help reduce pores or perfect the almost imperceptible finish,” he explains to Vogue. Some of her favorites include Westman Atelier’s Vital Pressed Skincare Power Powders, as they’re lightweight and subtly blendable, and Mother of Makeup Pat Mcgrath’s Sublime Perfection Setting Power, whose particles are so fine they’re almost imperceptible. .

What bronzer should I use if I have brown skin?

This “tanned skin” effect that characterizes dark skin can be accentuated with bronzers which gives it more light. “For warm skin, the best will be golden oranges,” says Bortolotti, “for cool undertones, those with a more red or terracotta color, about two shades darker than the skin, will suffice.” It is best to first apply a tanning cream then seal it with Bronzing powder. “I recommend applying it on the points where the sun naturally shines, on the highest parts, such as the cheekbones, the forehead, a little on the tip of the nose and a touch on the chin, blending with a wide brush and soft”, explains the specialist. .


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