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Iron, dryer or electric brush: know the most common mistakes when heat styling – Eme – 06/11/2022

Use power tools that generate heat for styling hair, has meant an important solution in today’s life. Many people have an iron, dryer, curling iron or electric brush (or all of them!) at home. However, for apply heat to the hair Some indications from specialists in the field should be taken into account.

Gerardo Murillo, responsible for the Babyliss brand, emphasizes certain recommendations when choosing the device. “To buy an iron, it is recommended to consult your stylist on the type of hair, in order to define the type of iron you need. It is also recommended to evaluate the emission of ions.

It will help you reduce frizz and add shine to hair. This also applies when buying a clothes dryer. It is recommended that it be an ion emitter for better and faster drying”. As with a curling iron, Murillo recommends being careful in choosing the thickness of your barrel.

Most tools have a temperature modulator. It’s a big detail that can make the difference between lush hair and damaged hair.

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“The temperature to be applied will depend on the type of hair and its state of health. Also remember that it’s not just about the heat itself, but about the level of heat used and the frequency. Professional irons and curling irons have a temperature regulator and professional ceramic resistance that allows instant temperature recovery. These two details help to achieve the expected results with less heat exposure of hair“, explains the specialist of the Babyliss brand.

Likewise, Claudia Barrantes, sales manager for Revlon, agrees that these tools should be used with a temperature that best suits the type of hair. “Por ejemplo, si se trata de un cabello procesado y delgado, no se debería usar la temperatura más alta del aparato, sino una temperatura media o baja. Por otro lado, si el cabello es grueso y rebelde, una temperatura más alta le vendrá better”.

Barrantes advises avoiding the friction of tools. “By this we mean not running the device more than three times through the same section of hair. It is recommended to use slow strokes for best results in one pass. These tools can be used daily, but correct way so that the hair is not damaged,” he explains.

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The style professor at the IECSA Institute, Difrani Quirós adds some hair washing recommendations. “It is advisable to wash it with a neutral shampoo; condition yourself well with a good moisturizing mask, or a good conditioner to protect the hair fiber”, he explains.

Quirós warns that the hair is completely dry, before using irons or tongs (curling iron). If these processes are performed on wet hair, they damage the hair fiber and its cuticle. He also comments that it is better to use quality devices that guarantee the protection of the hair.

“Concerning the use of iron or curling iron, remember not to apply heat for more than 10-15 seconds with the same strand of hair, so as not to weaken it. The ideal is to use them, at the home, once a week, and give the hair time to rest.

When you go to modulate your temperature, remember that, if the hair is straight, temperatures above 250°C are not recommended. And if curly, no more than 350°C. If the hair is very fine, it should not exceed 150°C. Normal hair, that is neither very thin nor very thick, can use straighteners or curling irons with a temperature of around 180ºC.

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In any case, it is advisable to use a product beforehand. thermal protector which will act as a barrier. Thus, the hair is prevented from dehydrating and the cuticles from opening,” he explains. The function of these products is similar to that of sun creams: they serve as a defensive barrier.

When applied, it works by coating the hair cuticle. “This way, heat conduction is slowed down and it is evenly distributed. In addition, there is a wide variety of thermoprotectors in spray, cream, oil or silicone on the market,” concludes the professor.

Warnings !

– Read the instructions.
– Check that the tool is original and not an imitation, so that it complies with the safety elements.

– Make sure the tool is in good condition.
– Perform a preliminary preparation of the hair, evaluating if you are going to use a thermoprotective product.
– Make sure the hair is dry if using an iron or curling iron.
– When using an iron with wet and dry function, the hair must be at least 80% dry.

– Always use the temperature according to the type of hair.
– Do not overexpose hair to heat.
– Always unplug the tool.
– Do not wrap the cable around it.
– Wait until it cools down before putting it away.
– Never leave it within the reach of children.


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