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Since its birth, the tradition of use and good performance of Jabón Rey has been transmitted from generation to generation by Colombian homes, providing solutions to all kinds of problems, because according to the declarations of use given by Colombians ( more than 310 uses). , is not only used for washing clothes, but also for washing the body, for pets, for cleaning cars, motorcycles and its traditional use has become so entrenched in the popular culture of the country that even medical and esoteric solutions to it have been assigned.

As we have already mentioned, the Colombians have declared 310 uses and there are even more! This is why we have taken you from the most traditional uses to the rarest and most unusual uses that the Colombians themselves have attributed to this soap. It should be noted that all these practices have been disclosed by the voice of Colombians over the years. Let’s see some of its uses.


1. For hair

It is common to see, especially in rural areas, that citizens say they use it as if it were a shampoo. They assure that it served to give shine, that it prevents hair loss, that it is anti-dandruff, for gray hair in the elderly.

Likewise, it removes dyes, acts as a toner, in case you are already tired of the same hair color and want to dye it in another tone.

2. Skin care

On the other hand, there are those who have reported using it as a body wash, even though it is not a dermatologically proven product.

However, some people use it to clear up acne, improve scars, and heal irritation.

3. Wash the pans

Likewise, they declare in Colombia that there is no better pot polish than Jabón Rey, for washing dishes it is very popular, since they assure that it is also ideal for removing grease from pots, ceramics and glassware.

4. Pet soap

If it’s good for human hair, it’s even better for pets, so Colombians say and declare. King Soap is used to bathe puppies and cats as it gives shine, softness and repels ticks. They also state in Colombia that it is used in livestock, for hair care of horses and show cattle.

5. For plants

Some people report washing plant leaves with a small brush and Rey soap, as they warn it gives them shine and removes pests.

6. Make the apartments shine

Whether ceramic or tile, King Soap is declared in Colombia to be the best floor polish, it is used in the home. A generous amount should be applied and then washed away with water.

8. For washing motorcycles and cars

The Colombians say that there is nothing better to wash cars and motorcycles than with Jabón Rey, they declare that the shine it gives to rims, glasses and brass in general has not of comparison. That’s the plan for the weekend!

9. “Chase Bad Luck”

Surely you have heard the saying “I will bathe with Jabón Rey for good luck”, if you are going to have a new house or rent a new place, you will have also heard the advice that before you go too far, wash it floors with Jabón Rey to attract good energies and chase away bad things. This is declared by the Colombians.

Popular belief and what the Colombians declare leads us to believe that Rey soap even has supernatural powers, ideal for bringing good luck, both in people and in places.

10. To waste the ragpickers

It is a traditional trick declared throughout Colombia, to wash the cloth with Jabón Rey, because it leaves it marred, white and like new.

11. Disinfect bathrooms

Colombians say it is one of the best disinfectants you can find on the market, the key ally to keep the bathroom clean, undisturbed and disinfected.

Surely there are many more uses than the 310 declared by the Colombians for Jabón Rey, which surely many of us have practiced at some point. In short, the king of soaps in Colombia is Jabón Rey, who can measure up to everything.


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