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Meet the Hyper-Realistic ‘Baby Reborn’ Babies Created in Tijuana | Tijuana News

Tijuana, BC – Skin, texture, gestures and details make them look real, this is the “Baby is reborn”.

Adriana Rae, 54, is dedicated to making these hyper-realistic collectible dolls.

“Because what people ask the most is about newborns and premature babies, those who ask and search are people who like to collect, because not everyone likes that, there are who say ‘they are real’, my daughter was like that at first, she said it was weird, it scared her, but now she says they are beautiful,” Adriana shared.

Hyper-realistic babies created in Germany

The idea of ​​these hyper-realistic babies was developed in Germany in World War II, when mothers decided to give their daughters’ dolls a new look, in order to tolerate the situation they were experiencing.

The project has evolved and reached many parts of the world until now being a craft sought after by demanding collectors.

“It’s an art, I started it about two years ago, I started seeing these very real babies being sold and my husband encouraged me to take a course to learn how to make them, I first wanted to buy but they are very expensive and I decided to make my own and now that I know how to make them I can sell them to others,” he said.

baby collection

She said she usually names her babies, she has about 40 and each one has a name. Some have strand-by-strand hand-painted hair, and some have special hand-sewn hair grafted onto it.

“The truth is that at first it seemed very strange to me, it brought me something, but later I saw that everyone from reborn babies and I support her in her business, I manage her social networks, I help her with the logistics and everything,” said Hilary Robles, Adriana’s daughter.

The details are impressive, everything is handmade, babies’ skin looks real, body folds, gestures and even the smell of a baby, thanks to the fact that an aromatic oil is smeared on it.

taste for dolls

For craftswoman Adriana, her taste for hyperrealistic babies dates back to when she was a child and received dolls of all kinds.

“I like them, they have always caught my attention, since I was a child I loved babies and their accessories, dolls, I still have many of those they gave me, moreover I redone because they were already very worn by the weather,” remembers Adriana.

They vary in size, there are babies from premature to five years old, and some have a skeleton that can make them stand up unaided. There is also with different hair, bald hair, painted hair, straight, Chinese and wavy.

Variation of colors and breeds

As for color or race, they can be adapted to everyone, eyes closed or open, sulky or serious.

“Now that I no longer have grandchildren or grandchildren, I take the opportunity to do it, I like it, I am entertained, I have always liked buying clothes for them and so it grabs my attention a lot” , he concluded.

These babies have specific care, so they are generally not recommended for young children or those who are not careful.


  • Avoid exposing them to the sun for a long time.
  • Change it only with soft or cotton clothes
  • If you want to clean them, do it with cotton, not with water or a damp towel and do not rub, as this can damage the paint.
  • Avoid using hard brushes, paint it only with your hands using your fingers or with special baby brushes.

write a baby reborn This can take up to a month, depending on the type of functionality the customer wants, each piece is treated with respect and handled by hand. Social networks to contact them:

INSTAGRAM: @adrisreborn.

FACEBOOK: The rebirth of Adri.

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