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Mercadona’s new successful product that brings luminosity to your skin

The summer It’s time to enjoy family, friends and, of course, the good weather. But as much as we love this season, you have to be aware that it is one of those that more damage it causes to our skin.

The swimming pool, the beach and ultraviolet rays are some of the agents that affect it the most and can cause loss of shine or drynessamong other things.

The Mercadona Supermarket is aware of this situation and that is why it has launched a product that will give new life to your skin: ampoules with a mixture of pre and probiotics. We explain how they work and all the advantages it can offer you. new star cosmetic solution Of the brand.

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The Mercadona Supermarket It’s one of those companies that seems to turn everything it touches into gold and, in this case, it couldn’t be less. The brand has many successful products behind it, although it is true that its cosmetic line It is one of the most popular with customers.

They recently launched a line of hair products suitable for the curly method which won praise from many users and now they have done it again thanks to a special treatment for our skin.

We are talking specifically about some blisters that have come on sale relatively recently and whose purpose is to take care of the face in an integral way. In this way the Skincare Mercadona Pre and Probiotic Treatment It acts on the skin moisturizing it, giving it luminosity and also generating a feeling of freshness in it.

To achieve this, this Deliplus repair system, what it does is combine prebiotics (Alpha-Gluco-Oligosaccharides and Beta-Fructo Oligosaccharides) as well as probiotics. And, thanks to the symbiotic action of its active ingredients, the skin microbiome is strengthened, which helps us protect our skin from environmental bad weather.

So it’s a great way to defend our skin from external agents who usually attack him. Also avoiding the possible damage and injuries that these may cause.

How to Apply Mercadona Skin Care Pre & Probiotics Treatment

As you have just seen, it is an extremely interesting product and promises to bring our face back to life after summer, which is the moment when it is most subject to external agents. But does that mean we should only use it during this season? No, the truth is we can continue to use it as long as it gives us the expected results.

Regarding its use, it is recommended apply it morning and evening on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, massaging until completely absorbed. Of course, this skin must have been previously cleansed to remove all impurities and must be dry.

The application It’s very simple, just shake the bottle well before opening it so that its components are properly mixed. Once we have it, we will hold it with one hand and break the upper part with the other, exerting a slight pressure until we hear a “click”. Now all that remains is to carefully pour it into your hand and then go distribute it through the areas we have previously indicated.

In addition, it has a great advantage and that is that its case contains a dispenser with lid this allows us to properly store the bulb in case we haven’t used it completely. This way we guarantee that we don’t waste a single drop of the product.

Finally, we only have to know its price and as you can imagine it is more than affordable. Indeed, the treatment is sold in a box containing 10 units and has a price of only 4 eurosit is therefore worth going to the nearest Mercadona to buy it and check the results it offers.

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