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Meridian The Trimmer: Male hair removal is here to stay

It seems that the male deconstruction initiated by the generation millennium he progressed in uses, idioms, interpersonal relations and new habits. One of them, and it has grown stronger, is that of the grooming.

We are not, of course, talking about cyberbullying of adults against minors, which also bears the same name and is a crime. What we’re talking about is each other grooming, a term that in English is used to refer to male hair care. But not just on the face but anywhere on the body where hair grows.

It’s a topic that has gradually gained ground among young people – and less – and has even become a predominant trend among men. While women are freeing themselves from the social obligation to cut their hair, men are taking the opposite path.

Something that is seen in both memes and jokes that show men with very neat haircuts and beards, even the fancy men’s barbershops that, trying to emulate the old concept of the neighborhood barber gringa (even with the red and blue pole outside the local), have multiplied by cities like pharmacies.

Until recently, men’s hair care was rarely a topic for the public, but new generations – led by footballers and urban music stars – care obsessively about their hair. Not only from their artistic beards and haircuts, but also from other less visible parts.

Like him grooming the masculine is not a minority reality, multiple options of brands and styles of razors have appeared —as if they match—, with various possibilities of cuts and with fancy fancy names.

On this occasion —unprecedented for this columnist—, the model we had to test was a product from Meridian Grooming, a personal care store located in Los Angeles, California, which released The Trimmer, a waterproof razor equipped with “ extra sensitive. In other words, to be used in delicate areas, ideally in the shower. We ventured to try it.

  • lester: 320 grams
  • Blade: Safe for the skin, ceramic.
  • Engine: 6000 rpm
  • Tension: 5V
  • Drums: 800mAh
  • Full charge time: 2 hours
  • Autonomy: 90 mins
  • Raincoat: 100%

Simple exercise: the product box is lifted and the razor is there, lying in a black plastic holder, ready and preloaded to be used with a simple press of its central button. Under the box we find a second space that stores two cutting combs (3-6 mm and 9-12 mm), a small cleaning brush and the device’s USB-A 220 V connection cable, which connects straight to the razor.

Although it comes with some charge, I still decided to plug it into the mains to see how it performs. The trimmer is very light and is covered with a very, very soft and pleasant silicone construction. In addition to the thumb-activated power button, we find a very discreet and elegant design, with three small and elegant LED indicators to know the amount of energy it has, and below the entrance for the power cable .

It is one size and comes in two colors: sage (green) and onyx (black). It should be noted right away that it is waterproof and can therefore be used without any problem in the shower. Point in favor there. Without further ado, we were ready.

It is clear that this is not a traditional review or similar to those usually published in Práctico. Over these almost three years, I have had the pleasure of reviewing several gadgets and electronics, from powerful computers to small smartwatches, but this is the first time I’ve been offered to try a razor. And a razor specially designed for the reduction of areas, so to speak, sensitive.

More about Practical test

At first, the task was not easy. Between the PR agency’s insistence and my editor’s (laughing) subsequent endorsement, I decided to not only try to comment on this new marvel of men’s hair care, but also to conduct the experiment. until the end. And not exactly on my face.

Although the equipment is completely waterproof, I used the Trimmer after the shower, to observe and listen to its operation. The first thing you feel when you turn it on is the hum, a very low, almost silent motor noise. Instead of being garish, as is often the case with many electric shavers or trimmers, there is discretion here. Good. The next thing was to feel the ceramic blades on the skin.

I imagined the motor could have been a little more manageable in speed, but the truth is that there is only one power. I assumed it would be enough, and let’s just say it was, but I missed a speed or intensity control. After a microsecond of panic, the shaving began.

The operation, let’s face it, was rather short, which says a lot about the efficiency of the machine. With less than ten gentle strokes, the experiment was nearly complete and the skin completely hairless, even in areas where one would assume more difficult access for the clipper blades.

The process was quick, simple and, above all, without any abnormal sensation for an area as sensitive as the lower abdomen. Sure, engaging in more isolated or less firm sections presented a mini-challenge, but with good wrist control and near-zero trim feel, the task was a little slower and trickier but still effective.

So, in about five minutes, the process was ready and successful. Cleaning the machine afterwards was easy: all you had to do was remove the shaver head, run it under water, use the included brush to remove any remaining hairs, and voila. Great service. Yes, the manufacturer recommends changing the blades every four months, although this depends on the frequency of use.

As a hair removal device for men, the Meridian trimmer delivers what it promises: a gentle, hygienic and easy-to-use experience with a powerful shaver. It is very important that it is waterproof, which allows the shaving experience to be discreet – it can be done in the privacy of the shower, with all its cleaning facilities – and practically painless.

It was a unique initiation rite but not at all traumatic. Starting to worry about hair removal in parts of the body you never thought of as a man opens up a world of possibilities. Not only for one – change can become transcendental in all sorts of things – but also for the couple. Applying it is an interesting renovation, an unprecedented change that, in the worst case, is just waiting for the grass to grow back.

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