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The color and skincare expert, born in Colombia 30 years ago. ayears, consider that the key to success is to pursue your dreams based on in the love that is obtained from within the family.

Habits of washing hair with cold water and cleansing the skin every night before bedtime, as well as the use of sunscreen, are essential factors in keeping the hair and face in optimal condition. , said Milton Tabares, a beauty expert who runs the Atelier salon in Miami.

“Un tip de belleza es lavar siempre el cabello con agua fría ya que es lo más recommendable para no abrir los poros del cabello y que los tintes se salgan o cambien de color y su cabello también puede cambiar el aspecto físico a seco y altera el scalp.

As for skincare, cleanse it every day before you go to sleep, apply at least one anti-aging serum and it’s super important to use sunscreen every day before you leave the house,” a- she said in an interview.

Milton Tabares was born in Medellín, Colombia, where he started at the age of 15 in the world of beauty.

With 15 years of career, At 30, he recalls starting with two well-known image-makers from his hometown, including Frank Durango, the creator of singer J Balvin’s hair look, who is his current stylist.

Tabares has also worked for fashion shows, beauty queens and at 22 she decided to go to the city of Miami, a place where she always dreamed of arriving because it is a city full of beauty and fashion.

“Here I start with a well-known Venezuelan stylist, Franklin Salomón, after two years I decide to move to another salon where I work with another well-known stylist, then I go to work as a freelancer and there is six months, I decided to open my own ATELIER BY MILTON TABARES”he explained.

Milton Tabares has been invited to Telemundo and has worked with personalities such as Ninel Conde, as well as models, influencers, businesswomen, wives of famous baseball players and beauty queens, such as Zozibini Tunz, who has been an iconic Miss Universe because she is the only one who has worn short hair, “Right now I have influencers, models and businesswomen with whom I move the salon and make it more recognized. It is about 5 minutes from the Design District, one of Miami’s best known and most exclusive neighborhoods, and I’m currently putting a lot of effort into opening my salon because it’s been with so much effort,” he commented.

At Atelier Milton Tabares, there is currently a team of seven people who specialize in color treatments and makeup, which has allowed him to become known in the city.

“The care issue for me is super important, the salon is focused on hair health and the whole makeover part. Learning to identify the type of makeup and doing radical transformations is what made me famous “he added.

She pointed out that she likes to create different styles, assembling extensions, makeup and color, which she considers her strong point and what helped her rise to fame in the beauty industry.

However, he acknowledges that the path has not been easy and gives an example of the difficulties encountered in opening a business in the United States as a foreigner, where you have to start from scratch.

“I had to go back to school from scratch and get my beautician license and then licensing was tough and frustrating because there is always a problem, an obstacle. The permit issue with the city was a little frustrating. For me, it was amazing to know that in the place where I was going to open, I had to interview the owners, show them my project, wait for it to be approved,” he explained.

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Despite the fact that the path to entrepreneurship involved difficulties for him, he stressed that he had never given up on his dream and achieved the feat of opening it in three months, in a city where the opening of ‘a fair can take up to 8 months or a year. Must be approved.

“Fashion belongs to the world, but not to everyone and there are things wrong with it that will make you look for an expert”he explained. He added that in addition to style, he is very fond of fashion and influencing styles and trends.

“The important thing is to find an expert person who not only knows hair, but can help you improve your appearance based on your skin tone, the way you dress, your lifestyle”advised.

In addition, I consider the issue of nutrition to be very important, because good skin and hair health starts there. “It is very important to eat healthy, without excess, not pushing things to extremes is the best way to have a healthy body”said.

In the future, she added, she would like the opportunity to help people employ people who really want to get ahead and to open Ateliers in New York and Los Angeles, cities that she considers emblematic for fashion.

In addition, she dreams of growing as an influencer through content for YouTube in which she can share her experiences as an entrepreneur, beauty expert and as a successful migrant in a new country.

“All dreams start from home, family love and belief in God. For me, love and a good relationship within the family is super important, where respect and love prevail , as a basis for turning dreams into reality.ended.


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