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For the international makeup artist and trainer, the face is everyone’s letter of introduction, which is why they need to take great care of their skin. The case of a well made-up woman is not an easy task.

There is no makeup that is worth if the skin is not clean before being applied, this is the first thing that the Argentinian Sergio Medini, makeup artist and international renowned trainer Sisley, said at the start of the workshop on cosmetics he led this week at the Hotel Sofitel Legend Sainte Claire in Cartagena.

For this learning meeting, which was carried out by groups of women of different generations, good lighting was arranged, a long table where there were individual mirrors and other necessary vanity elements, but above all the products of the prestigious French brand.

Medini answered all questions during his speech.

“The secret to good makeup is that it is done with excellent quality products. A lot of people don’t invest a lot in that, but in other things. The problem for Colombian women, Latin American women in general, is that women waste more money buying a dress, getting manicures and haircuts, than spending to maintain a good contour of the eyes, for example. They prefer to pay for low-cost products, rather than buying an anti-aging base, which contains moisturizers, components, and can be left on the face for eight hours,” explains the professional.

Sergio Medini has been working in cosmetics and makeup for almost two decades in different countries, sharing secrets and practical tips on face care. She worked as an international makeup artist for Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, and Dior.

Since 2008, he has been an international trainer and make-up artist in the local markets of Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States for Sisley Paris.

This is the second time he has come to Cartagena to offer motivational talks, based on his experience as a makeup artist for wedding editorials, fashion photo shoots, for theater and important social events.


In the workshop, all the participants wanted to make up while Medini gave them instructions and guided each one on the choice of the color of the base according to the complexion of their skin, as well as the shadows and the pencils for the eyes, etc

Carmen Otero de Millán welcoming the group of guest ladies from Barranquilla who participated in the workshop. They are: Sandra Mattos, Mariluz Clavijo, Monica de Jaramillo, Martha de Acevedo Yes Monica Navarro de Perez,

As the products were applied and the results were seen, the emotion between them grew.

The first step was to use a make-up remover to eliminate all impurities, then an alcohol-free floral tonic lotion, a little serum depending on the skin type, then a nourishing moisturizer and finally a protective anti-aging treatment.

Never apply makeup without first applying a moisturizer. Putting makeup on dry skin can make it look more tired.

Medini shows off a thin pencil: it’s the illuminating corrector with a pad tip. “It seems to have worked a miracle as soon as it is applied,” one of the attendees was heard to say.

This is reaffirmed by the professional saying that “this illuminating concealer is the best so that the skin does not crack because it is powder free, it hides bags under the eyes, it helps to revitalize the face, illuminates the look and smoothes the complexion. lines of expression”.

When turned, the tip of the pad soaks up the product and it is applied to the areas to be illuminated and/or retouched by tapping. Mix with your fingers for a perfect result.

In the coverage of the complexion, they follow the base which must go according to the color of the complexion then spread out delicately; then apply the toner which, as its name suggests, gives it a particular tone, and finally, the blush which must be applied with a suitable brush starting from the cheekbones forwards.


He does not recommend using wax to tweeze the eyebrows because it produces flaccidity, but rather a small tweezer.

“What’s used are eyebrows that look natural, not those that are styled like tattoos.”

The eyebrows must first be combed and the color to be used must be consistent with that of the hair; they need to start painting from back to front to fill them in.

The brand has developed pencils that fill in the finest areas of the eyebrows by redrawing the hair hair by hair, structuring and intensifying them.

As for the eye shadow, day to day, it must be applied gently with the fingers; use an illuminator for the eyelids and the eyeliner must pass under the eyelashes, to produce a better look effect.

The end of the workshop could not have been better. They were all splendid in front of the mirror, but above all grateful and motivated to have learned secrets and practical tips on daily facial care guided by a great expert on the subject.


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