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New 0% ammonia hair dye from Mercadona to prevent damage

either because you like wear your hair a different color or whether you dye it to cover your gray hair, that the dye you use for this is as natural as possible is essential if you don’t want your hair to end up spoiling more than necessary over time. It is true that there are thousands of dyes for coloring hair in supermarkets in shopping centers, but it is very important that you learn how to choose the right one. less aggressive for your hair.

We did a thorough research of all the dye brands that are currently sold on the market because since we dye our hair once a month, we didn’t want him to spend more time giving it harmful ingredients for our hairWe love him too much to do that to him. And precisely, coincidences of life, we found that Mercadona, who else, has just launched a new line of hair dyes with a peculiarity, and that is that the new Mercadona dyes do not contain ammonia. Keep reading for more information.

New Mercadona dyes without ammonia

Well, you read that right. Mercadona’s new tints are ammonia free which is great because you won’t have to spend a fortune on other beauty brands specializing in hair care, at Mercadona you have good, pretty, cheap and at your disposal. five different shades for you to choose the one you like best to show off your beautiful hair. Mercadona has launched a total of five dyes in different shades of ash, which are permanent, do not contain ammonia as we have told you in the previous lines and, in addition, markets them under its white label Delipluswhich is synonymous with quality and good price.

Ammonia-free dyes in ash tones from Deliplus, photo: ©Mercadona

The best thing about these ammonia-free dyes that Mercadona offers in 5 different varieties of ash tones is that, thanks to the union of the vegetable oils of its compositionsuch as argan, jojoba and shea, its 0% ammonia coloring formula and its PLEXREPAIR technology, provide the hair with a unique result where enhance vivid and long-lasting colors. In addition, the hair will be very well cared for because these oils also nourish and restore the internal structure of the hair, which makes it more resistant to breakage. Also note that these ash tones avoid orange reflections in the hair since they nuance it.

For your information, these Mercadona 0% ammonia dyes They can be applied on dyed hair, on natural hair, on hair that has been dyed for three months, and you can even use them if your hair has a different color than the one you want to apply, because it will cover it perfectly 100%.

This is what is contained in each box of Mercadona 0% ammonia dye

When you go to the Mercadona closest to you, you will realize that this ammonia-free dye that the Valencian supermarket offers for sale comes in a box in which, in addition to how it is used, it is very well explained, brings you more products inside for correct application. This is why each box contains: 75 ml of revealing emulsion, 60 ml of permanent coloring cream tube, 60 thousand post-colouring nourishing care, 1.5 ml of serum 5 benefits, gloves and the explanatory leaflet which we have just talk to you.

To end this article, we would like to state more clearly what are ash tones where you can find these new Mercadona dyes without ammonia. These shades are light brown (5.1), dark blonde (6.1), medium blonde (7.1), light blonde (8.1) and very light blonde (9.1).

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