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Panasonic’s Multishape all-in-one male grooming system hits our market

panasonic has included in its product catalog Multifaceted, an innovative modular personal care system compatible with five heads and their accessories, which allows it to be adapted to different personal care routines. The options provide ultimate flexibility – from trimming or shaving beards, body hair, ears, noses and even brushing teeth, all in one system and charger.

With the development of this new concept, the company seeks to facilitate the routine of personal care, which is why it uses a main unit, to which are added five heads, which can be purchased separately.

In short, with this system, users use only the necessary accessories, making it a more sustainable option that does not require having one product for everything. It is a premium option that comes to the market for the first time to renew the men’s personal care sector. Multishape is made in Japan, using Japanese stainless steel blade technology, which offers remarkable precision.

As for the design, it is compact in size and easy to use. It incorporates a long-lasting lithium battery that recharges in one hour and allows up to 90 minutes of use. Suitable for travel.

5 heads and accessories

The head for beard and hair It allows up to 39 length settings with an adjustment dial at 0.5mm intervals, to achieve precise cuts even in small areas such as the upper lip. Wet or dry fast cutting, even in the shower thanks to an accessory head whose Japanese stainless steel blades are characterized by their resistance and durability.

The 3-in-1 trimmer head for the beard, hair and body It allows up to 58 length settings, comes with 4 accessory combs and facilitates precise trimming of delicate areas such as the armpits. It is waterproof so can be used in the shower, and it has four additional combs including one specific for body hair.

the head of shave It has 3 nano-sharpened blades at 30º. The technique used in their manufacture gives them a curved shape that follows the contour of the face. Allows a close and even shave even in delicate areas such as under the chin. The blades move in 3 directions independently, reducing the number of passes required. These blades follow the contours of the face and neck without the need to press hard, reducing skin irritation.

the head of detail to cut Nose, ear and eyebrow hairs are designed for comfortable trimming in sensitive areas. It is equipped with double-edged cutting blades for no-pull cutting. The suction function cleans loose hair and the Vortex cleaning system uses water to clean the cutting head.

the doll Toothbrush It uses sonic vibration technology and is available in 2 versions marketed together. On the one hand, the brush with ultra-fine 0.02 mm bristles for deep and gentle cleaning, and on the other hand, it has the multi-purpose brush, which has a design with tufts of flat bristles from both sides and in the middle of the brush, to clean effectively. It has a protective cap to keep the brushes hygienic and for better transport, which is also included with other brush heads.

exceptional values

Modular system, easy to use, suitable for travel. The ability to change the style of the toilet without having to buy a new unit makes it the enduring gift.

This razor features three individual floating blades, which move in three directions and follow the contours of your face for a close and smooth shave.

It features Japanese 30º nano-polished stainless steel blades, making it easy to work with any beard and hair type.

It’s IPX7 waterproof certified for use in sinks and showers, and has a special non-slip coating to ensure grip in any situation.

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The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting performance, with a one-hour charge providing 90 minutes of use.


This new Panasonic product is available in Spain and is part of the from 75 euro (which includes the base with nickel battery), reaching 139 euros in case you want to buy the main unit with three different heads. The rest of the heads can be purchased individually, so each user can configure the personal care set that best suits their needs.


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