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phases to cut hair in november

The phases of the Moon or better known as the new Moon, last quarter, first quarter and full Moon, have a great impact on the harvest of fruits and vegetables, on relationships, on intimacy, on the particular vibration of human beings and even in the hair. growth.

Therefore, the best time to cut your hair is during the rising moon because, according to Schwarzkopf, it promotes its growth. However, if the intention is to slow growth, it is best to cut it during the waning moon phase.

In addition, during lunar phases such as New Moon or Full Moon, it is not recommended to cut your hair, but it is recommended to carry out treatment, because it is just the time of repair or of rebuilding.

Also, about how often it is recommended to cut your hair, beauty expert, Miriam Quevedo, said she that “given that the hair grows on average 1 cm per month, it would be convenient to cut 1 cm (the ends) every two months to maintain the style, to have a pretty and curved cut”. However, if you want to make a drastic change, there is no specific date to do so.

Thus, the moon phases for November are:

  • First quarter: Tuesday, November 1.
  • Full: Tuesday, November 8.
  • last quarter: Wednesday, November 16.
  • New: Wednesday November 23.
  • First quarter: Wednesday November 30.

However, cutting the hair is not the only care to be taken, because the care begins from the wash, because at that moment the blood circulation is activated, which is ideal, because it will make the hair healthy and shiny. . Additionally, we need to add the use of masks.

When it comes to drying, experts recommend never rubbing hair when it’s wet, as it’s much more sensitive and prone to breakage, and the cuticle opens and curls. The ideal is to use a microfiber towel, and wrap the hair so that it absorbs moisture. However, if a dryer is used, it is recommended that it always be at a medium temperature, but first it is important that the person applies a heat protectant to protect the hair from the heat.

In the same vein, there are different vitamins that help in hair growth, such as thiamin or vitamin B1, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin, B5 or pantothenic acid, B6 or also called pyridoxine, B7 or biotin , the B9 or folic. acid or B12 or cobalamin.

Likewise, to have healthy hair, you don’t need to wash it as often, because water and cleansing products strip hair of its natural oils that help retain moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it every two or three days, but it also depends on the type of hair. In other words, if you have oily hair, washes will be more frequent than for someone with dry hair.

In addition, the most advisable thing is to use lukewarm water, which does not exceed 36 ° C and finish the wash with cold water, to close and seal the cuticles and obtain more shine.

On the other hand, the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit entity dedicated to clinical practice, education and research, also recommends protecting hair from the sun and other sources of ultraviolet light, stopping smoking, as some studies have shown a relationship between smoking and baldness. among men.

She also recommends being gentle with your hair. In other words, use a detangler and avoid pulling when brushing and combing, especially if it is wet.

“With a wide-toothed comb, you could avoid pulling your hair out. Avoid harsh treatments, such as hot curlers, flat irons, hot oil treatments, and perms. Limit tension in the hair styles in which rubber bands, barrettes and braids are used,” explains the association.

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