Quotable Quinn, Jenkins Climbing, Pace’s Job Preservation Hunt, the Cousins Conundrum, and Other Bears Bullets

Assuming I don’t get distracted like I did yesterday, I’ll finally get to watching the All crazy doctor tonight. Of course, I’m glad to have DVR while I was away at Christmas. Otherwise, I would hunt him like everyone else. Reviews are generally positive. Considering the impact Madden has had on my life as a football fan, this is a must see TV for me.

• First of all, in case you missed the news:

• What a desappointment. Read more about it in the post above. We’re moving forward, for the moment.

• So I had an idea. Several thoughts, now that I thought about it. These thoughts are rooted in the gossip surrounding Jim Harbaugh’s possible interest in NFL-level coaching again. And the buzz about the growing reality that CEO Ryan Pace could return in 2022. I then put those thoughts in a thread on Twitter. You can check out some of them below:

• Maybe I’m just cynical. But seeing the common thread of job preservation running through Pace’s seven-year time with the Bears leads me to believe that the noise surrounding top-tier coach replacements is the final step in the job preservation process. . It certainly makes a lot more sense than believing that “these guys are suddenly good” with their targets.

• In that vein, it’s no surprise that the Bears are linked to these big names. Let’s face it. There is a gap between who the bears are, who they think they are, and who they want to be. They want to be that family business that has a successful and functioning football team.

• This is why they threw their hats in the ring to score a Khalil Mack via trade to pay him what was the biggest contract to a fielder at the time. And that’s why they’re aggressive in pursuing Allen Robinson II and Robert Quinn when they were popular targets for free agents. This is also why they have spent the last two offseason trying to win big for QB. Whether it was a failed Russell Wilson chase last offseason, shortcomings in their wooing of Tom Brady, and even their success in landing the trade for Justin Fields. It was all done in the name of trying to land the big fish because “we are the bears and this is what we want to be.”

• One could suggest that the Bears are in some sort of identity crisis. And I would agree with that sentiment. They employ a coach who appears to be on the verge of leaving, a GM with an uncertain future, a president who may be heading for exits amid bigger changes, and a quarterback who is on the verge of leaving. conclude the first season of his rookie. OK. How is all of this healthy for an organization? Not to mention the signal caller seen as their next attempt to play an honest franchise quarterback at Kindness. If the Bears were who they think they are, this wouldn’t be happening. Disconnecting from reality is frustrating when everyone sees it except the people who need to see it.

• I can’t wait to see what Teven Jenkins can cook up in the end game:

• Jenkins is a smart tackle, and I can understand why the Bears insisted on moving him to the left side early on. Because, while I might not be okay with that, I can vibrate with the line of thinking that leads to the end result being Jenkins dressing like a left tackle from the franchise. He still has so much to do to get to where he wants to be. But there is an ability and an urge that would make me hesitate to bet against him.

• There’s also a middle streak this offensive line hasn’t seen since Kyle Long was dropped. It’s good to get that back.

• I have a feeling fans of the other three NFC North teams would want this as well:

• Do not mistake yourself. Kirk Cousins ​​is putting together the kind of numbers I would want from my fantastic quarterback at the end of the year. But the Vikings invested a lot in the Cousins ​​era in terms of salary, cap space, draft capital (Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson are a tandem of heckuva talent to write to help QB), by building a defense and hiring a coaching staff. to get the most out of your talents, and the end result is one (1) playoff appearance in (4) seasons. If Kirk Cousins ​​wants to continue driving the mediocrity train in Minnesota, who am I to stop him from driving? It’s certainly better than the alternative of seeing a rival rejuvenate and improve in this position, while gaining valuable flexibility under the cap.

• It’s a bold idea and I’m in it:

• I understand why the NFL would not be keen to implement this idea. But fortune favors the daring. And the NFL could enjoy the fun of Week 18 for fans of teams not in the playoff race.

• I’m going to tell our friends at Obvious Shirts to put this Robert Quinn quote on a tee:

• Hey Siri, play “Bling Bling” by BG and the Big Tymers:

• What’s not to like the way the Bulls play basketball?

• You almost knew people would try to copy the ManningCast:

• And you certainly knew that when something is often imitated, it certainly will not be duplicated.

• After looking at the outside temperature, I would have liked it to be summer 22 already:

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