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Selection of dietary supplements we think you should try

The Food supplements They can be great allies when it comes to looking and feeling their best. Currently, there are countless options designed to treat different problems such as hair loss, lack of sleep and vitality… and even dietary supplements designed to prevent aging. At COOL, we’ve told you about it many times with experts such as renowned pharmacist Meritxell Martí, and today we’re reviewing the brands and dietary supplement options we think you should try. Products to improve our health and beauty. Take note!

Photo: Moncho Moreno
Selection of dietary supplements we think you should try
Photo: Olistic

The term “dietary supplement” refers to a wide range of products, including vitamins and minerals, herbs and other plantsamino acids and enzymes, among other supplements can be found in many forms, such as pills, edible gummies, powders, liquids, teas, and bars.

Food supplements
Photo: batch by wisconsin on Unsplash

Moncho Moreno Jelly Beans

Moncho Moreno Jelly Beans
Photo: Moncho Moreno

“The pack of gummies to have a #MyPelazo”, they say on the Moncho Moreno website. These gummies are the perfect combination to prevent severe, hormonal or seasonal hair loss, with high levels of stress, dull skin and unhealthy hair. They have two products: Gummy Loss No More (jelly beans to prevent hair loss due to hormonal or seasonal changes) and Gummy Stress No More (jelly beans to prevent hair loss due to stress and anxiety)

Jelly beans-supplement from Moncho Moreno
Photo: Moncho Moreno

Shock treatment against hair loss, whether seasonal, hormonal or due to stress in an innovative and appetizing way.

Marta Masi’s “miraculous” sleep supplement

Selection of dietary supplements we think you should try
Photo: Marta Masi

This supplement from the pharmaceutical company Marta Masi is a real revolution for those who have trouble falling asleep. MMOOD helps to sleep better, reduces stress and improves the skin. At COOL we recommend it because its effects are noticeable in the short term and it improves the quality of life and appearance of those who consume it.

Food supplement Marta Masi
Photo: Marta Masi

Nail innovative formula It contains very powerful adaptogens and antioxidants to promote rest and muscle and skin repair.

Hydrated and younger-looking skin

Jennifer Lopez advertising Truvivity dietary supplement
Photo: Truvivity

This dietary supplement is promoted by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez. Truvivity is a nutricosmetics brand derived from the Arstistry brand (exclusive Amway signature) Suitable for women and men, Truvivity products have been developed using the highest quality natural ingredients that ensure skin picks up the nutrients needed to enjoy a healthy appearance. They are also unisex and this remains a plus since both men and women can take them.

Truvivity Nutrilite Dietary Supplement
Photo: Truvivity Nutrilite

The Truvivity formula is supported by two innovative patented complexes: the Phytoinfuse Complex and the phytoceramide complex. The first, based on grape seed extract, rosehip extract and goji berry extract, helps protect the body’s cells against free radicals; while the second, thanks to vegetable ceramides gluten-free from whole wheat, helps preserve the skin from external agents

Olistic and its resounding success


We could not fail to include the firm Olistic in this article. A brand that defines itself as “a pioneering treatment that unites science and nature to promote the well-being of your hair by improving your overall health”. In Olistic they also have a male and female version, so both men and women have the opportunity to try it out and enjoy its effects.

Selection of dietary supplements we think you should try
Photo: Olistic

Preventing hair loss and obtaining nourished, strong and beautiful hair are the main objectives of Olistic products.

collagen powder supplements

The prodigious collagens of Meritxell Martí

Meritxell Martí with his Violet Collagen, his latest release

The Master forms of our Meritxell Martí always followed could not miss this subject because in the end, their collagens are excellent food supplements. At the moment, it has three: Pink, Green and Purple. And each performs a specific function. From the classic pink, which is taken in the morning, to the new purple, which helps us fall asleep and wake up like new (or like new, since all the formulas of the famous Andorran pharmacy are aimed at both men and women)

Green collagen from Meritxell Martí
Photo: Fine Grosso/COOL

Jennifer Aniston’s Collagen Everyone’s Talking About

America’s #1 collagen brand, Vital Proteins, is pictured as the forever young and vital Jennifer Aniston. The fact that it’s the collagen that Aniston takes makes the claim bigger, but it’s a more than guaranteed product. It is now available for sale in Spain and its flavor is neutral, so it is perfect to drink it mixed, for example, with the first morning coffee as the legendary interpreter of Rachel Green does in Friends.

Selection of dietary supplements we think you should try
Photo: Vital Proteins

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